Who is Navarone Garibaldi? Her Father, Marriage, Net Worth and More (2023)

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Navarone Garibaldi, born Navarone Anthony Garibaldi, is the son of Priscilla Presley, the ex-wife of the late Elvis Presley. He is also the vocalist of the band.your weapons.

People often associate Elvis' name with Navarone; Want to know if he's really your biological son? On the other hand, Galibardi is also quite famous due to his relationship with his mother, actress Priscila.

Priscilla made plenty of headlines while in a relationship with Elvis, and she remained on the tabloid radar even after her divorce and even more so after the death of the king of rock 'n' roll. And now the few celebrities have turned their attention to their son Navarone. Then read what's so interesting about Garibaldi? Is he really Elvis' son?


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Navarone Garibaldi is Californian

Garibaldi was born March 1, 1987 in Santa Monica, California. His maternal grandfather, James Wagner, died in a plane crash while working as a pilot in the United States Navy.

Is Navarone the son of Elvis Presley?

As mentioned earlier, Navarone was born in 1987. This clearly means that Elvis would have been dead for almost 10 years by the time the young musician was born. Garibaldi's mother Priscilla and music icon Elvis Presley were married for nearly six years from 1967 until their divorce in 1973. And although they had a son, it wasn't Navarone, but a daughter - Lisa Marie.

Who is Navarone Garibaldi? Her Father, Marriage, Net Worth and More (1)

Navarone's mother Priscilla met Elvis Presley at age 14 in 1959 while her family was stationed in Germany.

Navarone Garibaldi's Biological Parents

Garibaldi is the son of Priscilla Presley andMarcus Garibaldi. Priscilla and Marcothey were together 22 years; They broke up in 2006. However, the couple never got married.

Her father is a businessman and film director. Priscilla's ex's endeavors also include architecture, screenwriting, manufacturing, engineering, public service, software development, botany, and real estate development. Marco's credits include three TV episodes of 1995's Power Rangers and a 2009 Brittany Murphy thriller, Across The Hall.

Anthony's parents met in 1984 after a mutual friend recommended Marco to be the screenwriter for Priscilla's new project.

Is his father a scammer?!

August 2018 brought a huge shock to Navarone's mother, Priscilla. She was surprised to discover that her former partner Marco was a crook who had faked his last name from the elegant Garibaldi. Furthermore, he had convinced people and Priscila himself that his wealthy Italian family had moved to Brazil when he was a child.

However, it turned out that Navarone's father's real name was Garcia. Marco changed his last name and made up a romantic story about Europe and wealth to impress Hollywood bigwigs and Priscilla after they met in 1984.

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A source reported that Galibardi's father actually comes from a middle-class Brazilian family. However, he had told everyone, including Priscilla, that he came from a very important Italian family.

It was his son Navarone who first received news from a Brazilian teenage relative about his father. When Priscilla's son confronted his father about this, Marco exploded and told his son never to speak to him again.

Navarone then personally flew to Brazil to meet his relatives. Apparently he discovered that his father was lying and that he was Brazilian. The California-born rock artist said his mother was shocked when she found out.

Did Navarone really curse his half-sister Lisa Marie Presley?

Priscilla's son Garibaldi has a half-sister Lisa Marie Presley. Marie was born on February 1, 1968 to Priscilla and Elvis.

In August 2017, Blasting News shared that some bitter feelings were brewing between Priscilla's children, Navarone and Lisa.

Who is Navarone Garibaldi? Her Father, Marriage, Net Worth and More (2)

A Facebook group, TheConspiracy or Truth of Elvis, published on its official page that Lisa's half-brother, for reasons still unknown, decided to use Instagram to say some inappropriate words to his sister. According to the FB page, Anthony Garibaldi posted that Marie was not a nice person and called her a bitch before wishing her dead.

The comment was short-lived, but thousands of viewers had already read the hateful comments. It was never revealed what was really going on.

Some speculate that this is largely due to Lisa Marie Presley's strained relationship with her mother, Priscilla. She once revealed that she was broke and financially separated from her mother at such a difficult time in her life.

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Band from Navarone Garibaldi had a sold-out show

Navarone formed Them Guns, an alternative rock band that he says was influenced by Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Kings of Leon and bands like the Chemical Brothers.

Them Guns, a rock band from Los Angeles, features Garibaldi on guitar and lead vocals. Kyle Hamood (also on keys) takes on the same role. In addition, the group features Bobby Vega on drums and Chuck Holiday on bass.

Who is Navarone Garibaldi? Her Father, Marriage, Net Worth and More (3)

The band Navarone carries the theme of a rock foundation, touches of surf/ska vocals and weird keys and psychedelic rock.

In the United States, Them Guns sold out shows at The Viper Room, The Troubadour in West Hollywood and many other rock venues.

The group made their UK debut on 4 April 2013 at The Kings Head Club in Hoxton. Prior to Them Guns, Kings Head Club had never featured a live band.

How is he related to Riley Keough?

Priscilla's son Navarone is also related to Golden Globe actress Riley Keough. She is Priscilla's granddaughter through her daughter Lisa Marie Presley's marriage to her ex-husband Danny Keough.

Who is Navarone Garibaldi? Her Father, Marriage, Net Worth and More (4)

Garibaldi's niece, Riley Keough, is known for films such asThe Good Doctor, Jack & Diane, Magic Mike, The Girlfriend Experience, The House That Jack Built, American Honey e Mad Max: Fury Road.

Why did Navarone Garibaldi's nephew Benjamin Keough kill himself?

In July 2020,TMZreported that Garibaldi's nephew Benjamin Keough (also Riley's brother) put a shotgun in his mouth, ending his own life. At the time, law enforcement sources told Bendied in Calabasas, California.

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Benjamin, who was 27 at the time of his death, was also a musician who landed a $5 million contract in 2009. Though some time has passed since the shocking death, the reason why Navarone's nephew took his own life has not yet been revealed. Navarone went to his social gatherings to express how devastated he and his family were. He also thanked Benjamins fans for all their support.

Navarone was arrested for DUI in 2009

In November 2009, police arrested Navarone forDrunk Driving in Beverly Hills. However, as a first-time offender, the musician pleaded not guilty in 2010. He received a guilty verdict for driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or more, but after pleading absence from competition. The judge sentenced him to 36 months of probation. Authorities also ordered him to complete a three-month alcohol and drug prevention program in Santa Cruz.

Interestingly, all these incidents did not come to light until a decade later.Radar-Onlinebroke the news in July 2019.

Navarone Garibaldi was also arrested for possession of illicit substances

When Navarone was 17, his mother, Priscilla, had to arrive at the Glendale Police Station, east of Los Angeles, to post bail. Cops arrested him under the influence of marijuana and in possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Reportedly, Priscilla's son lived a hippie life with Marco from his late teens into his 20s, living in a dismal tenement in central California.

Your strange pet choices

Navarone reportedly has an odd choice when it comes to pets. The vocalist is a reptile enthusiast and collects reticulated pythons and Asian water monitors. He often posts a video on Vimeo describing his love for his crawling pets. Priscilla's son also does extensive breeding of his reptiles. He named one of the snakes Winona Ryder.

Ist NavaroneGaribaldiMarried? wedding details

Navarone is expected to marry his Swiss girlfriend, Elisa, in 2022. They got engaged on Christmas Day 2020. The reptile lover took to Instagram to share the news of his engagement to his blonde girlfriend. Navarone and his future wife Elisa have been together since at least September 2018.

Who is Navarone Garibaldi? Her Father, Marriage, Net Worth and More (5)

The singer's mother, Priscila, has insisted that he give her grandchildren.

Navarone Garibaldi Net Worth

Navarone Garibaldi net worth is yet to be revealed. Whatever the case, he may not be as wealthy as his mother, businesswoman Priscilla Presley, who has a net worth of over $50 million.

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And while sources may not have a solid opinion on Navarone's financial details, he is believed to be a loaded guy. Earnings from it can range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions. It is unlikely that he will not get tired of his moderately successful music career.

More curiosities about Navarone Garibaldi

  • Navarone got a matching tattoo from one of his fans. Both have "Oh Baby" tattooed on their mouths.


Who is the father of Navarone Garibaldi? ›

Early life. Garibaldi was born to actress Priscilla Presley and Marco Garibaldi on March 1, 1987, in Santa Monica, California. As his mother Priscilla was the former wife of Elvis Presley, media scrutiny was often focused on the family. Garibaldi's half-sister was Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis's only child.

How much is Lisa Marie Presley worth? ›

The singer was the only daughter of late American actor, singer and musician Elvis Presley.
Lisa Marie Presley 2023 – Bio, Family.
Real Name/Full NameLisa Marie Presley
Profession:American singer-songwriter
Net Worth in 2023$16 million
20 more rows
1 day ago

Does Priscilla Presley have a biological son? ›

Lisa Marie Presley isn't Priscilla Presley's only child. More than a decade after her 1973 divorce from Elvis Presley, Priscilla welcomed her second child, a son named Navarone Garibaldi Garcia, with her then-partner, producer Marco Garibaldi.

What happened to Priscilla Presley's son? ›

He got married in 2022

In February 2022, Garcia tied the knot with Elisa Achilli, 23, in Switzerland at the Schloss Hunigen Hotel, according to Presley's personal Instagram account. “I couldn't be happier!” she wrote in the post.

Who owns Graceland after Lisa Marie? ›

A representative of Graceland told People that the property will now be passed on to Lisa Marie's three daughters, Riley, Harper and Finley.

Did Priscilla go to Elvis funeral? ›

Priscilla noted that Elvis' funeral procession reminded her of how iconic the singer was. "Going out the gates in the limo and seeing the streets lined up on both sides all the way to the cemetery.

Who owns the royalties to Elvis Presley's music? ›

RCA Records owned all of Elvis' music recordings. The RCA Records Label was bought by BMG in the 1980s and in 2004 BMG merged with Sony Music Entertainment to become Sony BMG. Sony BMG owns Elvis' recordings and they continue to use the RCA Records label for issuing Elvis releases.

What is Elvis Presley's estate worth today? ›

Royalty rights for 24 Elvis movies were also included. CKX Inc. subsequently sold the estate rights to the intellectual property firm Authentic Brands Group for $145 million. In 2020, one Presley executive told Rolling Stone that the Presley estate was worth around $400 or $500 million.

How much is Elvis Presley hair worth? ›

The locks of hair, said to be gathered by his barber of more than two decades, was kept in a plastic bag and transferred to a sealed jar. It was sold by GWS Auctions for $72,500 USD - around $98,000 AUD - and included documentation.

How much did Priscilla Presley inherit from Elvis? ›

At the moment of their divorce Priscilla received a cash payment of $725,000, child support payments, spousal support payments, 50% of the sale of the couple's Beverly Hills house and 5% royalties from Elvis Presley's publishing companies.

Did Priscilla ever get remarried? ›

To this day, Priscilla, now 77, has never remarried – and she still refers to the music legend as “the love of my life”.

Who is the heir of Graceland? ›

Upon Elvis' death in August 1977, the only beneficiaries in his will were his father Vernon, grandmother Minnie and his then-9-year-old daughter. By 1980, Vernon and Minnie had both died, making Lisa Marie the sole heir to Elvis' estate.

Who was the love of Priscilla Presley's life? ›

45 years after his death in 1977 at the age of 42, Elvis and Priscilla's love story was told the big screen for all to see. “It was a good life,” she told People of their romance in 1978. “It was different, but it was ours.” Austin Butler went on to win a Golden Globe for his work as Elvis.

Does Priscilla still own Graceland? ›

Lisa Marie Presley's estate, which is being held in trust for her daughters Riley Keough and Harper and Finley Lockwood, retain 100% sole personal ownership of Graceland Mansion itself and its over 13-acre original grounds as well as Elvis Presley's personal effects – including costumes, wardrobe, awards, furniture, ...

What does Priscilla Presley do now? ›

The 77-year-old is an executor for the Presley estate, and she created the Elvis Presley Enterprises. She notably turned Graceland into a tourist destination, and has built lucrative merchandising, publishing, and licensing deals.

Who owns the majority of Graceland? ›

Lisa Marie Presley retains 100% sole personal ownership of Graceland Mansion itself and its over 13-acre original grounds and her father's personal effects - meaning costumes, wardrobe, awards, furniture, cars, etc.. She has made the mansion property and her father's personal effects permanently available for tours of ...

How much did Lisa Marie Presley inherit? ›

Through Minnie Mae, Lisa Marie was a descendant of the Harrison family of Virginia. Upon the deaths of her grandfather in 1979 and her great-grandmother in 1980, she became Elvis' sole heir; on her 25th birthday in 1993, she inherited the estate, which had grown to an estimated $100 million.

Who owns the guest house at Graceland? ›

About Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) manages the operations of Graceland, its related properties, including The Guest House at Graceland 450-room hotel, as well as the Graceland Archives, featuring thousands of artifacts from Elvis' home and career.

Will Lisa Marie be buried at Graceland? ›

Lisa Marie Presley

Following Lisa Marie's death on Jan. 12, 2023, her daughter Riley Keough's rep confirmed to PEOPLE that the daughter of Elvis will be laid to rest at Graceland. "Lisa Marie's final resting place will be at Graceland, next to her beloved son Ben," a statement to PEOPLE read.

What clothes was Elvis buried in? ›

Presley died at his Memphis residence, Graceland, in 1977. Lansky picked out the white suit and blue tie that Presley wore when he was buried. 'I put his first suit on him and his last suit on him,' Lansky was fond of saying.

Was Lisa Marie at Elvis funeral? ›

Does Lisa Marie Presley have a negative net worth? ›

Presley, a singer-songwriter like her father, wasn't rich enough to make the Forbes list of highest-paid entertainers, while some celebrity websites even estimated that she may have had a negative net worth at her death.

Who has all of Elvis money? ›

After Minnie Mae's death in 1980, Lisa Marie became the only surviving beneficiary. Lisa Marie inherited Elvis' whole estate on her 25th birthday on February 1, 1993.

Who owns Elvis Presley mansion? ›

Lisa Marie's estate retains sole ownership of the mansion itself, as well as her father's personal effects. Her assets are to be inherited by her three daughters. The company endeavors to turn Elvis Presley's former estate into an international tourist destination.

Who will own Graceland now? ›

The fate of Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion has been revealed. The Memphis, Tenn. estate will be inherited by Lisa Marie Presley's three daughters—Riley Keough and Harper and Finley Lockwood—following her death at age 54, a representative for Graceland confirmed to E! News on Jan. 17.

How much money did Elvis spend on Graceland? ›

Eager to find a rural refuge away from wild fans and the pressure of fame, 22-year-old Elvis Presley purchased his Graceland estate on March 19, 1959, for $102,500 — or more than $900,000 in today's money. The property came with its famous moniker already in place.

How much money did Elvis leave his family? ›

Elvis left behind a cash-poor estate, with only about $5 million and lots of debt. A few years later, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, the IRS determined the true value of the Elvis Presley Estate was worth more than what the estate's tax return disclosed and imposed a $10-million estate tax.

How much is Elvis tooth worth? ›

Dentist Wins Bid For Elvis Presley's Crown A dentist from Alberta, Canada, paid $10,000 for a crown that once belonged to The King: Elvis Presley. That isn't the only dental collectible this dentist has paid top dollar for. He shelled out $31,000 for a rotten tooth that belonged to John Lennon.

How much is Elvis Presley's Bible worth? ›

Miriam Coleman. A bible that once belonged to Elvis Presley sold for £59,000 (about $94,000) at an auction in England on Saturday, the BBC reports. The final bid was more than double the expected sale price of £25,000.

How much would Elvis Presley worth when he died? ›

At the time of Elvis' death in 1977, his estate was worth about $5 million (roughly $25.4 million in today's dollars).

Why is Lisa Marie Presley's net worth? ›

According to Lisa, she ran into financial troubles when she trusted her former business manager Barry Siegel with her cash. Prior to her death, she was worth $16 million.

How much did Elvis leave his daughter? ›

Elvis Presley died in 1977 leaving his entire estate to his daughter, Lisa Marie, who was nine at the time. When she received her inheritance at the age of 25, it was estimated to be worth $100 million USD.

How much is Graceland worth now? ›

The mansion and property were acquired by Elvis Presley for $100,000 in 1957. The estate was estimated to be worth between $400 to $500 million in 2020 according to Rolling Stone.

Who did Priscilla have a son with? ›

More than a decade after her divorce from Elvis Presley, Priscilla welcomed her second child, a son named Navarone Garibaldi Garcia, in 1987 with her then-partner, Marco Garibaldi.

Does Priscilla still wear her wedding ring? ›

In addition to her wedding and engagement rings, Priscilla still has them. Elvis' widow, Presley, retains a collection of his wedding and engagement rings. Her outfit wasn't exactly appropriate to honor the King of Rock 'n' Roll, so she wore it during his funeral.

Who did Priscilla Presley have a child with? ›

Priscilla Presley

Who will inherit Lisa Presley estate? ›

After Lisa Marie's death in 2023, Graceland and her trust were inherited by her daughters, Riley Keough and Harper and Finley Lockwood, a representative for Graceland confirmed to People.

Does anyone live in Graceland now? ›

But the upstairs rooms at Graceland remain private. What many visitors don't know is that after visiting hours are over, the Presley abode is still a home. "It shuts down quite nice at night," explains Lisa Marie, who visits her hometown often. "I have family that I love very much who live there in Memphis," she says.

Who last lived in Graceland? ›

But the hardiest post-Elvis Graceland resident was Delta Mae Presley Biggs, known to family and fans alike as "Aunt Delta." The sister of Vernon Presley, Aunt Delta moved to Graceland in 1966, after the death of her husband, and continued to live in the mansion even after it was opened to the public, until her death on ...

Was Priscilla Presley Elvis one true love? ›

Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley were a golden couple despite their romance's highs and lows. For the 70-year-old, he was also her one true love. "Elvis was the love of my life," she tells HELLO! magazine in their new issue of the late superstar, who died in 1977. "We were very, very close.

How old was Priscilla when she had a baby? ›

In early July 1798 at Dogue Run Farm, thirty-five-year-old Priscilla gave birth to Christopher, her sixth living child. She did not resume working in the fields until five weeks later. Priscilla's husband and Christopher's father, Joe, was likely unable to see much of his newborn son.

Did Priscilla live with Elvis before marriage? ›

In 1963, the Beaulieuses allowed Priscilla to move to Memphis to be with Elvis full time. Again, they put conditions on the move: she had to live with Elvis's parents in a separate house and attend the nearby Catholic girls' high school, and he would eventually have to marry her.

How many bedrooms does Graceland have? ›

Presley purchased the Graceland estate in 1957 for $102,500.

The Colonial Revival-style mansion, which was built in 1939, has eight bedrooms and four bathrooms, The Guardian reported after a tour of the house.

Did Elvis give Priscilla a Harley? ›

The 12-page agreement signed by both Elvis and Pricilla, granted Priscilla ownership of a 1971 Mercedes Benz, a '69 Cadillac El Dorado and a '71 Harley-Davidson motorcycle in addition to $100,000 in cash and half the income from the sale of their three houses in California.

Who cleans upstairs at Graceland? ›

Visitors to Graceland have been able to tour the downstairs rooms and grounds of the estate since 1982, but upstairs remains private. Lisa Marie has kept everything exactly as it was on the tragic morning in 1977 when her father died.

Who is related to Elvis Presley? ›

Elvis Presley
ChildrenLisa Marie
RelativesRiley Keough (granddaughter) Brandon Presley (second cousin)
AwardsRock and Roll Hall of Fame (1986) Presidential Medal of Freedom (2018)
Musical career
21 more rows

Is the Presley family in Branson related to Elvis? ›

The Missouri Presleys, by the way, are only distantly related to the far-more-famous Mississippi Presley named Elvis. “We had a Presley reunion a few years ago,” Gary recalled. “They'd gone through the family tree and said we were 14th cousins or something like that.”

Who is Navarone Garcia's father? ›

Who is the father of Elvis Presley's granddaughter? ›

Keough is currently starring as the title character in the drama series Daisy Jones & The Six (2023).
Riley Keough
Parent(s)Danny Keough Lisa Marie Presley
RelativesElvis Presley (grandfather) Priscilla Presley (grandmother) Navarone Garibaldi (uncle)
6 more rows

How much was Elvis estate worth? ›

In 2020, one Presley executive told Rolling Stone that the Presley estate was worth around $400 or $500 million. Through it all, Graceland — now a national historic landmark — stayed in Presley's hands.

Did Elvis wear makeup? ›

Elvis loved makeup and he loved how dramatic it made the eyes.…”

Are Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley related? ›

While their relationship was never officially confirmed, many believe that Elvis and Michael were father and son-in-law.

Is Elvis and his family really buried at Graceland? ›

Elvis Presley

After an attempt was made to steal Presley's coffin, both his and Gladys' bodies were moved to Graceland, where they were buried in the Meditation Garden.

Who bought Graceland Elvis or his parents? ›

Many fans may think of Graceland as the home of a rock star, but it's also the home of a Southern man and his family. Elvis purchased Graceland so his parents could have a home they deserved. The home is full of Presley family artifacts and photos.

Does Elvis family stay at Graceland? ›

Elvis Presley's iconic Graceland mansion will stay in the family after the death of his only child, Lisa Marie Presley. The 54-year-old singer died last week after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Is Priscilla adopted? ›

Priscilla Ann Presley (née Wagner, changed by adoption to Beaulieu; born May 24, 1945) is an American actress and businesswoman.
Priscilla Presley
Years active1973–present
SpouseElvis Presley ​ ​ ( m. 1967; div. 1973)​
PartnerMarco Garibaldi (1984–2006)
ChildrenLisa Marie Presley Navarone Garibaldi
5 more rows

How old is Marco Garibaldi? ›

How much is Graceland worth? ›

The mansion and property were acquired by Elvis Presley for $100,000 in 1957. The estate was estimated to be worth between $400 to $500 million in 2020 according to Rolling Stone.

Who has custody of Lisa Marie Presley's twin daughters? ›

Michael Lockwood is reportedly set to be awarded full custody of his and Lisa Marie Presley's twins. The singer passed away on January 12, aged 54, and her ex-husband will now get custody of 14-year-old twins Finley and Harper, according to TMZ.


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