The attack leader of the Sixth Circle (Savage). (2023)


Introduction to the Sixth Circle (Wild)

The attack leader of the Sixth Circle (Savage). (1)

You could have sworn that Nemjiji started writing before he opened his mouth to talk about your battle with Hegemon, but passed it off as a unique quirk of the researcher's dictation recording method. A close reading of his writings afterwards proves stimulating reading, but one wonders if his account of events was so vivid...


unlock requirements

The Sixth Circle (Wild) can be unlocked at level 90 after completing the Abyssos Raid on Normal difficulty and speaking to Nemjiji in Labyrinthos (x8.4, y27.4). The queue requires a minimum item level of 605, but this requirement can be bypassed by participating with a full group.



Hegemon has a hard rage of 10:39 and a DPS check of around 53,900 raid DPS.

If you'd rather watch a video of the fight, check out Hope Productions' visual guide.


Party Finder Resources

As you progress through the level with Party Finder (PUG Settings), the following toolbox can be used. These strategies come fromTHIS PUG Discord.


(Video) P6S - Abyssos: The Sixth Circle (SAVAGE) Raid Guide

Raid preparation

All players should be split into easy groups, each with a tank, a healer, and two DPS. In addition, each support must be coupled to a DPS in an intercardinal quadrant. Ideally, a remote job involves a hand-to-hand work quadrant.

There are sixteen tiles in the arena, laid out in a 4x4 grid.

The fight has several ethereal polyminoid mechanics that are released one after the other. Every two minutes during the raid, the boss will drop a tank destroyer. This breaks up combat into five neat sections of mech sets, most of which are handled differently within the confines of the tiles in the arena.


Hegemon's main abilities

Ethereal polyominoidjSigma Poliominoideare the main mechanisms of combat. Hegemon summons plus (+) or x (x) shaped tokens on a tile in the arena. After a while, these will explode, dealing an AoE to the tile and any displayed tiles in their path.

In addition, certain mechanics can also be polishedethereal exchange.This links ethereal poly tokens or players together. This changes the mechanics that the token or player has when they resolve.


Phase 1: Pathogenic cells

  • The Darkness IV by Hemiteos: Moderate magic damage throughout the raid.
  • Chelic Synergie: A physical tank destroyer that opens in a small cone onto the current #1 threat. This inflicts a 12 second bleed DoT. This buster must be shared by both tanks or heavily weakened or invulnerable by the main tank.
  • Synergy: A tank destroyer that deals magic damage to threat #1 and physical damage to threat #2 in an AoE around it. This inflicts a 12 second bleed DoT and a magic vulnerability debuff on the main tank, requiring a tank swap.
  • unholy darkness: A stack token on both healers that deals magic damage.
  • Exo-Messer: Conal AoE from boss. After the first hit, it hits again in the places that weren't hit the first time.
  • pathogenic cells: The eight players are sequentially marked with blue odd numbers or red even numbers. Hegemone fires a cone-shaped AoE at all players in order of the specified numbers. This AoE deals high magic damage and inflicts a stack of the consumption debuff. Getting hit by more than one is likely fatal and also turns the player into a Glossomoprh.
  • Choros Ixú: Hegemon separates its sides or its front and back. Then cut the other area that you didn't cut before. The area to be hit is indicated by red balls.
  • agony exchange: Players gain a donut token, a dam token, or a stack token. Also, two players with opposite roles will be linked together because of the Aetheric Exchange. When the markers are resolved, the indicated mechanic will be performed on each player.

The fight starts withThe Darkness IV by HemiteosInChelic Synergie.ForChelic Synergie, it is recommended that the main tank heavily mitigate the hit and/or invulnerate if possible since healers only need to worry about bleeding from one tank.

The first set ofEthereal polyominoidwill have two AoEs in the form of more. This is accompanied byunholy darknessjExo-Messer. Make part of the light go to the left and the other part to the right. They stack on top of each other in a safe column on the sides of the boss, then move clockwise together to absorb the stack and dodge Exocleaver.

The nearest mechanic ispathogenic cells. There are two ways to solve this mechanism, but both methods are similar. Set a place for odd and even numbers. Players numbered one and two start in these positions. When hit, they move and the next consecutive number replaces them to take a slot. This ensures that players are never split twice and that safe and unsafe spots are always known. Ideally, the dividing points are northwest and northeast or north and south. The first exits the south of the arena safely, and the second exits the sides of the arena safely.

The attack leader of the Sixth Circle (Savage). (2)

The attack leader of the Sixth Circle (Savage). (3)

The mechanic of the final stage has players interact with theethereal exchangejagony exchangecombination for the first time. All players are marked with a donut, dam, or stack. There will be a stack, three donuts, and four dams. Players with Donut and Stack have to stack in the middle of the arena, and players with Grapple have to go to the edge of the arena with their quad since Grapple's AoE is quite large.

Whileagony exchangeis unlocked, players are role-based at each position. It will be Mid Supports and DPS on the outside, or Mid DPS and Supports on the outside. Simply identify which role is in the middle based on who has dams (they need to get out) and go to your assigned quadrant on the edge or in the middle.

When the mechanic resolves, Hegemon will castChoros Ixú. This will split your sides or your front and back and then the opposite spot. Players must stand in the safe spot for this and then move to the other safe spot after all mechanics are solved. That's why we have players abroad going into their quadrants.

(Video) P6S Guide - Pandaemonium Abyssos Sixth Circle Savage (Hegemone)

AfterSynergy, which requires a tank change, the boss will castThe Darkness IV by Hemiteosand start a new set of mechanics.


Stage 2: Transmission

  • transmission: Players are bound to Hegemon's Wing or Serpent. They are added to everyoneChelomorphÖGlosomorpho. When this debuff resolves, Chelomorph players will fire a cone-shaped AoE behind them, inflicting a bleed DoT, and Glossomorph players will fire a cone-shaped AoE in front of them, turning anyone hit into a Glossomorph.
  • dark dome: Places invisible AoEs under all players when the spell bar resolves. These AoEs will resolve a while later, so players should step aside.

The first mechanic of Phase 2 is a combination oftransmissionjChoros Ixú. Players go to their quadrant with their partner and stand side by side in the safe spot of the columns. When their debuff expires, they face outside the arena when Glossomorph is applied to them and inside the arena when Chelomorph is applied to them. This will solve the mechanic without hitting another player by shooting all AoE cones outward. After regaining control of your character, immediately head to the safe location for Choros Ixou.

Then the first instance ofSigma Poliominoideis introduced where multiple polyminoid mechanics appear and interchange. The first mechanic requires players to line up in the center of the arena to bait.dark dome.Everyone should identify the safe placeSigma Poliominoide.Once they have done that, the whole group moves along the edge of the safe tile, which is one of the four in the center.

To identify the safe location, just look for the x mark connected to the + mark that is not in a corner. The safe tile is the tile closest to the one in the middle.

The attack leader of the Sixth Circle (Savage). (4)

The attack leader of the Sixth Circle (Savage). (5)

The nextethereal exchangejagony exchangeThe mechanic notes that the group is divided into roles. Have supports go left and DPS go right. Two players are tied to players of opposite roles, and the players must leaveunholy darknessnext toExo-Messer. Essentially, the players with the Stack marker are left without AoE and the players with the Grapple marker are left indoors to stack with everyone else as their restraints change their mechanics. All other players stay near the center, stack on top of each other, and move clockwise to dodgeExo-Messer.

After a random tank destroyer and a cast ofThe Darkness IV by Hemiteos, the boss will start a new set of mechanics.


Phase 3: Kachexie 1

  • dark ash: All players gain a medium AoE marker that inflicts Dark Resistance reduction, meaning players cannot be hit by more than one.
  • Kaquexie: Inflicts Aetheronecrosis of varying times to all players and either the Glossal Resistance Down or Chelic Resistance Down debuff. Aetheronecrosis explodes in an AoE, dealing moderate magic damage. Note that this does not cause Aetheronecrosis on the second cast.
  • double predators: Hegemon will AoE the next two players on his left and his right four times. The player on the left takes overchelic predator, which inflicts Chelic Down resistance. The right player takes overglossal predators, which inflicts shine resistance down. Players with the appropriate debuff cannot take the same type of hit or die.
  • Ptera Ixou: Hegemone will split his left side with his wing and his right side with his snake. The left side deals Chelic damage and the right side deals Glossal damage. This means players need to be on the right page with their stamina debuffs.

Phase 3 starts with aSigma Poliominoidemechanical set. This is accompanied byunholy darknessStack tokens on both healers. There will be two safe spots on the middle four tiles, facing each other, and players can choose to stack on the same platform or on opposite platforms. Identify safe platforms and have a group of lights go left and one right on both platforms or just one platform.

To identify safe places, look for the + mark that is not in a corner. Both must not stand in a corner. The tile closest to the middle one and the one before it are safe.

The attack leader of the Sixth Circle (Savage). (6)

The attack leader of the Sixth Circle (Savage). (7)

Then the players have to go to their quadrant. All players receiveddark ashAoE and Hegemons castChoros Ixú. With the melee player inside and the ranged player outside, spread out at the first safe spot, then move to the second safe spot. Note that there are other possible positions, e.g. B. staying in the boss's hitbox. for minimal movement.

(Video) Abyssos: The Sixth Circle Savage | Walkthrough / Guide - FFXIV Endwalker

The last mechanic of the phase is the first.Kaquexie. All players sufferAtheronecrosis, and alsoGloss resistance downÖChelic resistance down, four each. The Aetheronecrosis debuff on both sides has a player with 8 seconds, a player with 12 seconds, a player with 16 seconds and a player with 20 seconds after receiving the debuff.

player withChelic resistance down(green wing) should go to the right side of the arena while players are usingGloss resistance down(purple snake) should go to the left side of the arena. Players should position themselves based on the duration of their positionAtheronecrosisDebuff when received with 20 in boss hitbox and then 16, 12, and 8 outside of boss hitbox from north to south.

The attack leader of the Sixth Circle (Savage). (8)

Each player takes damageAtheronecrosisin order. In addition, players must absorb damagedouble predatorsBeing in the boss hitbox in order of 20, 8, 12, and 16. Once the starting locations are set, you can do this by simply moving in order into the boss hitbox on the first hitdouble predatorsIt is finished. After being hit, they move and the next player enters. It's the same on both sides. The player with 20 should go north to avoid cutting other players with the end.Atheronecrosisburst.

Once the four strokes ofdouble predatorsfinished, the boss will throwPtera Ixou. Players simply need to go to the opposite side from where they started to solve this mechanic. Make sure players are outperformed after taking all the damage in this set of mechanics.

After a random tank destroyer and a cast ofThe Darkness IV by Hemiteos, the boss will start a new set of mechanics.


Stage 4: Dark Sphere

  • dark sphere: All players gain a large area of ​​effect token that causes Dark Resistance reduction, meaning players cannot be hit by more than one.

The phase begins withEthereal polyominoidin the middle, with two X marks on the middle tiles. Players must spread out on their quads and engage in melee combat, both near and far. Extended fordark spherewhile sticking to the safe places for the polyominoid, and remembering whendark sphereexpires, the X markers expire and all players are prepareddark dome. After everything is triggered, move so that you are in a safe place from all-baitdark domeAoEs.

The nextethereal exchangejagony exchangeThe mechanical set is exactly the same as the first one in battle. Identify which paper is in the middle and outside and go to the correct positions while dodgingChoros Ixú.

The final mechanics for this phase have players dodgeChoros Ixúwhile dodgingSigma PoliominoideAoE for the first hit. To identify the safe place, go to the opposite side of the + mark in the corner that is not bound. Look for the X mark tied to a + mark: The adjacent tiles are not safe, so the safe tiles are always the two tiles that are not in the same column or row as the X mark. Only one of those two safe tiles is safe from the first cut, so identify it and then move to the safe spot for the second cut.

The attack leader of the Sixth Circle (Savage). (9)

The attack leader of the Sixth Circle (Savage). (10)

After a random tank destroyer and a cast ofThe Darkness IV by Hemiteos, the boss will start a new set of mechanics.


Phase 5: Kachexie 2

Hegemon has no new abilities during this phase.

(Video) Abyssos: The Sixth Circle Raid Guide - FFXIV

The last mechanicsKaquexie 2, it incorporates almost all of the mechanics previously performed in combat. It is a combination of the two cachexia debuffs,transmission,Sigma Poliominoide,unholy darkness,dark sphere(in single player) andPtera Ixou. However, it is quite easy to solve if everyone knows their positions.

Go to the right side first to solveKaquexiedisadvantages andPtera Ixou: Glossal Resistance Down on the left and Chelic Resistance Down on the right. Identify the four safe placesSigma Poliominoide.Find the + mark in the center of the arena or the x mark in the center attached to a + mark. The four diagonal tiles on this marker are safe. The four players on each side must go to the southernmost safe space on each side.

The attack leader of the Sixth Circle (Savage). (11)

At this point, a player receivesdark sphereand another will be receivedunholy darknesson each side when the boss starts throwingPtera Ixou. The player with the large AoE marker simply moves to the safe space on the north side of the arena while all other players stack online. At this point, solve yourtransmissionDebuff Mechanic: Arena Lookout YesGlosomorphoand inside yesChelomorph. Heavy damage is taken at this point, so the LB3 tank is recommended if you're progressing and don't need the damage.

The attack leader of the Sixth Circle (Savage). (12)

Next, Hegemone will do aEthereal polyominoidpreviously seen mechanical assembly. baitdark domein the middle of the arena and then move to the safe area.

Finally, Hegemone will make it easy for youEthereal polyominoidLocation. She will be the first mechanic of the fight to summon two + marks and then castChorosIxou. Just dodge the conical indentations while sticking to the safe columns and rows.

Hegemone will drop one last random tank destroyer, one lastThe Darkness IV by Hemiteosthroughout the raid and starts casting Rage at 10:29. Enrage is a long pitchDunkel IV of Hemiteosfor 10 seconds, which deletes the party at 10:39. Kill the boss before he kills you!



When Hegemon is defeated, treasure chests will appear based on how many players have already defeated the week's battle. The first chest contains aThe attack leader of the Sixth Circle (Savage). (13) Tomestone ultraligeroand one chest containing Abyssos Head Gear, Abyssos Hand Gear Coffer, or Abyssos Foot Gear Coffer, while the second contains a Moonshine Shine and another random chest. When opened by a player, these chests contain equipment for the work the player is currently doing.

Players who complete the encounter for the first time during the weekly reset will also receive an Abyssos Mythos II token. Four of these can be traded at a Pandemonium gear vendor for your choice of Asphodelos head, hand, or foot gear. In addition, four of them can be exchanged for a Moonshine Shine.



  • 09. Sept. 2022:Added instructions.

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(Video) FFXIV: (P6S Guide) Abyssos: The Sixth Circle Savage


How do you unlock abyssos Savage? ›

Unlocking Pandaemonium: Abyssos (Savage)

To unlock the Savage raids, you just need to talk to Nemjiji in Labyrinthos. We've marked her location below. Your item level will need to be at least 600 to start the first of four fights.

How do you unlock abyssos in the fifth circle? ›

To unlock The Fifth Circle, players must complete the quest "Masks of the Father." This is the second quest in the quest chain starting from "An Unwelcome Visitor," which can be received from Claudien in Labyrinthos (X:8.6 Y:27.5) after completing the Pandaemonium: Asphodelos questline.

How do you unlock the Excitatron 6000? ›

To unlock The Excitatron 6000 in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, players will need to acquire a Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Map, highly sought-after treasure maps collected from Level 90 gathering nodes. FFXIV fans can find these maps in Labyrinthos, Thavnair, Garlemald, Mare Lamentorum, or Ultima Thule.

How do you unlock the final coil Savage? ›

To unlock this fight players will first need to complete the fourth boss of the Omega raids from Stormblood in Savage mode. The fight is called Deltascape V4. 0 (Savage) and is unlocked after completing the normal version and talking to the Magitek Terminal in Rhalgr's Reach.

How do you unlock a Matanga? ›

Players will only have to complete the first quest, called “The Matanga along the Way,” and a couple of others from that line to unlock the Arkasodara beast tribe and its daily quests. Those quests will be renamed as “tribal quests” in Patch 6.2.

How do you unlock Eureka? ›

How Do I Unlock Eureka? Unlocking Eureka isn't too difficult. All you need to do is grab the quest “And We Shall Call It Eureka” from Galiena in Rhalgr's Reach after completing the Stormblood main scenario questline.

How do you unlock Asphodelos in Fifth Circle Savage? ›

The Fifth Circle (Savage) can be unlocked at level 90 after completing the Normal difficulty of the Abyssos raid and talking to Nemjiji in Labyrinthos (x8. 4, y27. 4). It requires a minimum item level of 600 to queue, but this requirement can be bypassed when entering with a full party.

Can you solo the Excitatron 6000? ›

If you don't have a group ready it is possible to solo Treasure Dungeons, or you can use the Party Finder to try and find one. Because patch 6.05 just launched on January 4, you likely won't have a hard time finding a party soon after.

How do you unlock a gun breaker? ›

In order to unlock Gunbreaker, you must first have reached level 60 with any Disciple of War job and have paid for the Shadowbringers expansion. After you've fulfilled these requirements, Gunbreaker can be unlocked by talking to the NPC God's Quiver Bow in Central Shroud (X:19, Y:28).

How do you get the cape of happiness? ›

Cloth of Happiness drops randomly from chests in the Excitatron 6000, which can be accessed by completing Timeworn Kumbhiraskin maps. The entire dungeon is fairly random, and there's no guarantee you'll even be able to access it, let alone get the Cloth of Happiness you need.

Can you solo coils of Bahamut at 90? ›

With enough levels over the content, any class can work (any class can solo the Coils at 90).

Where can I buy a Twintania mount? ›

VendorLocation / CoordinatesCost
Calamity Salvager (Limsa Lominsa)Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (11.4, 14.4)15
Calamity Salvager (Old Gridania)Old Gridania (9.9, 8.4)15
Calamity Salvager (Ul'dah)Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (12.6, 13.1)15
Jan 14, 2023

Can you solo final coil turn 2? ›

As of patch 6.0, the duty can be easily cleared solo by any well-geared level 90 character. To get to the boss arena, players need to fight through trash mobs and clear three energy fields. This is done by standing on the big blue buttons in front of them for a few seconds.

How do you unlock Omicron beast tribe? ›

How to unlock the Omicron tribe quests
  1. Complete the main scenario quest “Endwalker”
  2. Complete the side quest “Where No Loporrit Has Gone Before” (the quest that unlocks The Stigma Dreamscape)
  3. Have at least one gathering job at level 80.
Oct 18, 2022

Can you do Eureka solo? ›

Since the introduction of the Echo to Eureka in patch 5.1, it became possible to much more easily level solo in Eureka than previously. Of course, Eureka itself is community-minded content, but feel free to use this information if you ever need to level solo.

Is Eureka the Isle of Val? ›

"Eureka" comes from the Ancient Greek word εὕρηκα heúrēka, meaning "I have found (it)". The island's original name, the Isle of Val, comes from the Castle of Bal from Final Fantasy V; Val and Bal are both spelled the same in Japanese.

How do you unlock Alexander Midas? ›

General Information. Alexander: Midas is the second section of Alexander, the main 8-player raid in Heavensward. Released on February 23, 2016, Midas requires players with item level of 200 or higher to enter. Once unlocked, the raid can be queued from the Duty Finder.

How many times can you get Unsung Blade of Asphodelos? ›

According to the Patch Notes we can only get one per week. And it takes seven of those to exchange for a Discal Tomestone.

How often can you get unsung Asphodelos? ›

Once a week, when you clear Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle, you'll get a Unsung Blade of Asphodelos guaranteed, without having to roll for it.

What is the minimum item level for Asphodelos? ›

Released on December 21, 2021, Asphodelos requires players with item level of 565 or higher to enter. Once unlocked, the raid can be queued from the Duty Finder.

How do you unlock Eden's Promise anamorphosis Savage? ›

To unlock it, players must complete the quest “Where I Belong” and speak to Lewrey in Amh Araeng (X:26.8, Y:16.4). An item level of 510 or higher is required to enter.

How do you unlock Savage Hydaelyn? ›

Unlock Requirements

The Minstrel's Ballad: Hydaelyn's Call can be unlocked at level 90 after completing the main scenario quest "Endwalker" and talking to the Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlayan (x12. 7, y14.

How to unlock pandemonium ff14? ›

Before you can access the Pandaemonium Abyssos, you'll first need to have cleared the first four Asphodelos raids. This includes the last quest in the series called Who Wards the Warders? You'll also need to have cleared the Endwalker expansion before you can start this questline.

How do you unlock Assize? ›

Assize is an action unlocked by questing at level 56.

Why can't I unlock Eden's Promise Savage? ›

Either the player hasnt actually finished the pre-requisite quests and just thinks that they have, or they already unlocked the raids and dont realize it. For the newest savage raids(or ultimates) you need to check the raid finder, not the duty finder.

What item level is Eden Savage? ›

Released on July 30, 2019, Eden's Gate (Savage) requires players with item level of 440 or higher to enter. Once unlocked, the raid can be queued from the Party Finder.

How do you get the Aether current in Amh Araeng? ›

Aether Currents are simply floating green indicators spread across each area that you need to atune by simply touching them. Collecting all ten ones spread across the area and doing a number of blue-indicated side quests, players will unlock the ability to use flying mounts in the area.


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