Solitaire Grand Harvest Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Beat Levels Quickly and Plant All Crops - Level Winner (2023)

These days, there is an overabundance of tripeaks solitaire games to choose from and play on your mobile device. There are many versions that put different twists on the classic game. For example, mixing farm items in the game.

If this sounds like fun, you might want to check it out.overtreatmentagriculture takes the case of lone tripeaks which is calledPatience Great Harvest🇧🇷 While you may not have heard of this developer before, you are probably very familiar with Playtika, its parent company, which brought us titles likejune tripmiPirate Kings.

Either way, Solitaire Grand Harvest revolves around reinterpreted tripeaks solitaire levels that you must solve to start planting crops on your farm and caring for your animals.

Despite the plethora of similar games out there, Solitaire Grand Harvest manages to include enough unique mechanics and unique elements to keep players hooked on the action. Of course, the levels start out quite easy, but they soon become quite complicated.

While there is a certain amount of luck involved when it comes to clearing levels, there are some basic strategies you need to apply to maximize your chances of success. So whether you've just started the game or are having trouble figuring out how to solve a specific level, thisGreat Harvest Solitaire Guideit might be just what you need to get an idea of ​​what to do next.

1. Take your time when choosing your next move

Your main objective during each level of Solitaire Grand Harvest is to remove all cards from the playing field+. Upon entering a level, you'll notice that a number of cards are face up, while others are hidden below. Next you have your deck of cards with an active card face up waiting for you. Use this card to remove other cards from the board. Simply tap the face up cards that are one point above or below your active card.

Take your time when choosing which card to remove next. If you move too fast, you risk losing an important match. Focus your attention on making sure you use each active card to its fullest before dealing a new card from the supply. As soon as your deck runs out of cards, you will be forced to restart the level and you will have to avoid this as much as possible.

While it may be tempting to simply zip through these levels, we recommend resisting the temptation. Take your time choosing the next card, the levels are not timed so there is no good reason to be in a hurry.

Unless you want to play the same level multiple times. Just keep in mind that in Solitaire Grand Harvest you have to pay a number of gold coins every time you want to play a level, so if you do it too many times, you will run out of resources extremely quickly. Instead, the goal is to be able to solve the challenge as quickly as possible.

2. Remove as many cards as you can in a row

Removing as many cards in a row as possible is a great way to expand your active deck of cards. The more you have at your disposal, the better your chances of beating the level.

So each time you select a new card to delete, consider whether it has the potential to create a chain. Let's see an example. Let's say your active card is a 7, but your field of play includes a 6 and an 8, so you must choose.

(Video) Crops 1 - 11 Solitaire Grand Harvest Crop 2 Crop 3 Crop 4 Crop 5 Crop 6 Crop 7 Crop 8 Crop 9 Crop 10

Which one should you choose? Well, part of figuring out the answer is determining which path allows you to make a larger chain of letters. If you choose 6, is there a 5 or 7 nearby? Keep looking further and inspect if the 5 can be followed by something else. The same happens with 7. And the other option? Does an 8 lead to a 9 or a 7?

In this particular example, the 7 can be followed by a chain of 6-5, but that's where things end (unless you discover new cards that can continue the chain, but that's left to chance). On the other hand, you can pair the 7 with a 6 and then a 7-8-9, thus creating a longer chain. So in this case, it's better to select the second option, which is a 6 followed by a 7.

Getting rid of multiple cards in a row will activate the streak meter (located in the upper right corner). Watch the meter closely and see how many cards it takes to create a combo. In some cases, all it takes is 4 cards to unlock a coin reward, while other times you need 5 or 6 cards in a row to receive an additional active card in your deck. Sometimes this extra card can be of a special type.

Once you've filled the streak meter once, don't stop. If you can go ahead and fill it up again by chaining more cards, you'll soon get another reward, and so on.

3. When faced with a choice, remove the top card from the largest pile of cards.

Now, there is another thing to consider when choosing between various cards. Most of the cards on the board are face down and you will have to uncover them all little by little to remove them and finally beat the level.

To do this faster, you should always prioritize removing the cards that are in the largest card pile. So, for example, in the example illustrated by the screenshot below, you would pair the active card (the 3) with the 4 that is on top of the card pile on the second row, as opposed to the 4 on the second row. first row. This way, you'll discover more cards and have more options to choose from when trying to create matches.

It's a good idea to go through all the possible scenarios in your head before choosing which card to pick, don't just select the first card you find as a match for your active card. There may be better alternatives on the board, just look carefully.

That is why we consider slowing down when playing Solitaire Grand Harvest to be an excellent strategy. If you scan the cards on the board too quickly, you might miss a good match that could lead to the discovery of even more cards.

4. Try to fill harvest boxes faster and get access to prizes

Each level you have completed is rated at the end of the stage based on the number of coins you have collected. The maximum you can get is 3 stars, while the minimum is only 1 star. The number of coins you receive at the end of a level is influenced by the number of cards left in your deck, as well as any streak meter rewards you've accumulated.

Now, while it's absolutely fine to finish most levels with the minimum rank, our advice is to push yourself to do a little better. Look for a 2 or 3 star rating because your efforts will pay off later.

The stars you collect can be used to fill boxes filled with prizes of all shapes and sizes. The wooden box only needs 8 stars to fill up and will unlock a prize, but the golden box requires you to pour up to 40 stars. So when you get higher scores, the harvest fills up faster, giving you access to Boosters and more coins in less time.

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There are other rewards up for grabs that can be yours, regardless of how many stars you've accumulated so far. Once you reach certain milestones (successfully finishing levels 25, 35, etc.), the game will unlock progress rewards consisting of coins and power-ups.

As we mentioned earlier, it is possible to replay the levels as many times as you like, but, and there is a big but, this will greatly affect your coin pool. That's why we think we need to stress once again the importance of clearing a level from the very first attempts.

Of course, luck also plays an important role in this game. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, you may not get the correct active cards as the draws are random. So remember, don't waste your resources on endless quest to solve the level by yourself. Give it a try once or twice, and if you don't, be sure to use some of the power-ups you've earned by unlocking harvest crates and progress rewards.

5. When you need it, use the cheapest pre-level boosts

Naturally, the game developers have created some tools to help you tackle more difficult challenges. The problem is that they all cost gold coins and you are already busy spending them in levels or replaying them.

So what happens when you really need help? You choose the cheapest boosters available to you. There are three pre-level power-ups that you can equip before a level begins and the most accessible is the one with the scissors drawn on it that destroys 3 cards at the start of a new level.

It costs 2000 coins, but depending on where you are in the game, there may be cheaper alternatives. The other two booster packs can clear all face up cards on the playing field and add 3 Jokers to your deck, but they are a bit more expensive.

In the early part of the game, however, it makes sense to use the 5+ Cards boost more. If you have some cards left on the board, there is no point in restarting the level because it will consume an additional 1500 coins of your resources and you have no real guarantees that you will make it this time. Instead, you can buy 5 more cards for the same price.

However, as you progress, the price of those 5 extra cards gets higher and higher, so you'll reach a point where buying this booster will be much more expensive than buying one of the previous level boosters we talked about. previously.

Another power-up we should talk about here is the Joker. This is a gold card that can be purchased in the level and works like a Joker card. Basically, you can combine any card with it. As tempting as it sounds, wildcards don't come cheap.

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At the beginning, you can get one in exchange for 1000 coins, but as you progress through the game, the prices increase drastically. Eventually, they will become too expensive for you to even consider buying.

The only stable prices can be found with pre-level Boosters, so when you need it, you can ask them for help. Try not to do this too often, or you could run out of gold very quickly. These power-ups should be used sparingly in case you run into a very difficult level that you can't beat. If you feel like you've given it your all but to no avail, it might be time to consider splurging on a power-up. And if you need help, try the cheapest option first and see if that helps.

6. Set a reminder to go back to the farm and harvest your crops

Your ability to play levels in Solitaire Grand Harvest depends on your funds, as you must pay a fee to unlock each new stage. To do this you will need all the gold you can collect, especially since you will come across levels that are not easy and therefore you will have to throw a greater amount of coins to be able to pass them.

Fortunately, there is a way to boost your finances without having to do much. When you're not playing, be sure to set a reminder to get back in the game every hour. The app usually sends you notifications to let you know the product is ready to pick, but sometimes this system can malfunction, so it's best to remember to do it yourself.

With each part of the game that you have covered, you will unlock a new type of harvest that produces products. When it's time to harvest, you have to log in again and collect the products and exchange some extra coins. Do this several times a day and you will have some money again. Depending on the variety of crops available to harvest, you can earn a good amount of money and expand your finances.

To do this, if you ran out of resources and cannot pay for a new level, we suggest you wait until the end of the day to start a game session at Solitaire Grand Harvest. Until then, be sure to log in every hour and collect your cash prizes. Once you've collected a good amount at the end of the day, you can go on and pick up where you left off.

7. Complete missions to earn extra money

Do you need even more money? Check the Quests tab at the bottom of the screen for some nice rewards. Some of these missions are quite simple, for example collecting a bunch of stars, while others are more complicated.

For example, you will have the task of clearing 2 levels in the highest mode. It is possible to increase your earnings before starting a level, which means that it is possible to earn 2x or 4x more coins, in addition to gems. The problem is that you will have to pay a lot more to unlock said level. While a standard stage will cost you 1,500 coins, one in the highest mode will drain 6,000 coins from your account. If you have the resources, go ahead and try to complete these quests, but if you don't, that's fine. There are others that you can assume.

8. Do not invest in the phases of the challenge

You might be tempted to tackle the challenge stages (tap the red chest in the top right corner to access them) to improve your crop yields and gain access to other prizes. But honestly, the wins aren't that big and you still have to pay coins to play those extra levels.

(Video) Easybrain spider solitaire august 7th solution

Finishing five challenges in a row earns you a nice coin reward, but reaching that level of success is pretty unlikely. So our advice is to just skip these challenges and keep your gold. If you get to a point where you have managed to accumulate a lot of gold, go for it. But keep in mind that even increasing crop yields does not justify spending the amount of money required to complete these challenges.

The best tactic is to simply save the gold you harvest for the day and spend it on new levels and power-ups to help you complete these challenges. Then repeat and so on.

9. Remember to spend gems

Events are an important part of Solitaire Grand Harvest as they can unlock great prizes for you.Many of them happen at the same time, but when one of them happens, it can span several days.

During one of these events, you must collect gems to restore one of your friends' farm. Renovate as much as possible and unlock progress rewards as you continue to revive a dilapidated farm.

Players can collect gems by playing solitaire levels as before, and they will find that these gems are hidden behind some of the cards. Collect enough of these gems and you can start renovating the next farm.

The good thing about this particular event is that each chapter completed affects the production of the main farm. Complete a set of tasks in the event and you can increase your farm bonus. This means that you will be able to get more money with each harvest. So as you can see, it's worth playing during these events. Make sure you don't forget to spend those gems, because the rewards will be very useful to you.

10. Special cards and special levels

The game enlivens its levels with unique mechanics and items from time to time. For example, during some challenges, you'll find purple cards hidden among the standard cards on the board. Once revealed, these cards will be placed in your active deck, increasing your chances of leveling up.

Since you're starting with a thin deck, it's critical that you start uncovering these purple cards to bolster your deck. Running out of cards too soon is a big risk during these types of levels, so you'll need to move quickly to draw everyone else's purple cards and put them into your deck.

Another unique type of level is where you have to play the leftmost cards to roll and reveal more cards. The goal is to get to the far right to remove all the cards from the board. In that case, you should prioritize getting rid of the cards that appear to your left. If you have to choose between one of the leftmost cards and another, you should choose the first one, to work on revealing all the cards that are still hidden.

These are just a few examples of the type of special mechanics you can deal with during this game, but the common strategy for dealing with any type of unique item that might appear is to resolve it as quickly as possible. The sooner they're out of the way, the better so you can focus on removing all the other regular cards from the playing field.

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With this last piece of advice we end ourguide for solitaire great harvest🇧🇷 We hope these bits of knowledge help you learn how to quickly solve levels and unlock new crops for your farm. If you have any tips and advice to share about this game, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below!



How do you get unlimited gems in Solitaire Grand Harvest? ›

How can I get Solitaire Grand Harvest free coins?
  1. Harvest hourly to get coins for your crops.
  2. Find Sam the dog on the screen and click him for a coin boost.
  3. Daily log-in bonus.
  4. Facebook invite rewards.
  5. Complete levels.

What level is crop 10 in Solitaire Grand Harvest? ›

To earn cashback from this offer you must install the Solitaire Grand Harvest app and reach crop 10 (level 147) within 21 days. You must be a new user of the Solitaire: Grand Harvest app to receive the reward.

How many levels are there in Solitaire Grand Harvest? ›

The tropical islands aren't the only thing that awaits players in Solitaire Grand Harvest. Players can complete fun levels of iconic solitaire gameplay and manage a farm of adorable animal characters. With over 10,000 challenging levels, the fun never stops!

What solitaire game did Dr Phil recommend? ›

Phil with Solitaire - Grand Harvest. #ad Solitaire - Grand Harvest is not your typical solitaire game! Challenge yourself and have fun all at the same time by playing this 100% free game. Love this game, got my husband hooked on it now.

Is there a secret to winning solitaire? ›

Target Larger Stacks First

It's always wise to expose columns with big stacks first when targeting hidden cards. Doing this will help you get a better chance of revealing useful cards that can be used to build piles of revealed cards. It is also essential that you begin by moving all the cards from the stockpile.

How do you get a lot of gems for free? ›

Here are some ways you can gain Gems in the game:
  1. Earn Gems by completing achievements.
  2. Find hidden gems by clearing trees and rocks in your village. ...
  3. Open the gem box that appears in your village now and then.
  4. Keep an eye out for any ongoing events that reward gems.
  5. Repair the Gem Mine in the Builder Base.

How do you harvest faster in harvest town? ›

To shorten the crops mature time, player can use scale powder on the crop by holding the scale powder and tapping on the immature crops.

What is the golden ticket in solitaire? ›

Golden ticket is a sort of a Pass that allows you to earn rewards on the upper side of the screen. It helps you receive extra rewards that are not available to players without the Golden Ticket.

What is cash crop in harvest town? ›

It means you need to produce 40 products with crops that are under the type of "Cash Crops" such as garlic, bean, chili, potato, wheat, corn, peanut and cotton. 0. Vanilalatte· 1/27/2021. It's mean you need to use plants like potato, wheat, corn (they have tag as cash crops) in the workshop.

What is the highest level in solitaire? ›

After each successive five levels, the player earns a new title. Players who complete level 99 receive the Legend award.

Are all grandmaster solitaire games solvable? ›

All games in: Daily Challenges, Events, Star Club, and easy to grandmaster classic games are solvable. Random difficulty in classic games could be unsolvable.

Can every game of solitaire be completed? ›

Note that solitaire is a general term that describes many different card games each having unique rules and winning chances. Although different games may have different winning probabilities, there isn't an absolute value. Therefore, there's no way of ensuring that 100% of solitaire games can be won.

Can you turn gems into cash on solitaire cash? ›

5. You can use the gems you collect to enter new tournaments and eventually compete for cash prizes.

Do you have to pay to play Solitaire Grand Harvest? ›

Welcome to Solitaire Grand Harvest! Play the #1 free to play Tripeaks solitaire game created for online card game fans and discover a new world of Solitaire!

How do I get 9000 solitaire cash? ›

7 Tips & Tricks to Gain High Scores in Online Solitaire Card Game
  1. Draw a card for your first move. ...
  2. Navigate from right to left. ...
  3. Do not leave empty spaces without a king. ...
  4. Move cards from the column with the most hidden cards. ...
  5. Do not shuffle cards without reason. ...
  6. Play kings carefully. ...
  7. Play aces and deuces whenever you find them.
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