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Looking for SDS Grand Cross 2022 Level List, you are at the right place. Make sure to use the best 7DS characters (Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Game) to dominate the opponent. Here is the latest 7DS tier list.

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross tier list has reached enormous heights two and a half years after its initial release. Going in as a new player at this point, he might be overwhelmed, but by comparing his first attempts to the most recent character ratings, he'll be able to quickly determine what's winning and what's not.

(Video) The Best Heroes Tier List (December 2022)! Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is a turn-based RPG developed for mobile by Netmarble, the people behind two of this year's biggest mobile releases: Marvel Future Revolution and Seven Knights 2. And like the latest one, there's an official release. for PRAÇA. As well as.

Tier List Update: December 2, 2022

SDS Grand Cross Tier List – Best Characters >>

In this 7DS Global Tier List 2022, we rank all the characters in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross. Before we scroll down and review the tier list, we'd like to describe the details of the tier; All 7DS characters are ranked based on their overall performance at the end of the game.

SDS Grand Cross Tier List (December 2022) - 7DS Characters (1)
(Video) BEST Heroes TIER LIST (December Edition) - Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

We classified 7DS Grand Cross characters into x6 level categories; SDS level shows 7DS characters that are OP/better, SDS Grand Cross Tier List A+ level shows characters that have good ratings (not OP), SDS Grand Cross Tier List A level shows good people (not the best) , SDS Grand Cross Tier List Tier B shows characters that are average, SDS Grand Cross Tier List Tier C shows 7DS characters with ratings below average. And, SDS Grand Cross Tier List Tier D has characters that are not the worst/recommended. Now, let's take a look at the 7DS Tier List Global 2022.

S Tier Characters - Grand Cross 7DS Tier List >>

CharactersTier List
The Four Archangels SarielNivel S
Ragnarok Lostvayne MeliodasNivel S
kidnap gowtherNivel S
Invincible Avatar EscanorNivel S
Pact of Light LudocielNivel S
Reaper Cusack's NapNivel S
Dark traitor MeliodasNivel S
Elite Demon ZeldrisNivel S
The Four Archangels TramielNivel S
Gowther de HalloweenNivel S
Harlequin King ProtectorNivel S
Lostvayne MeliodasNivel S
Lillia's Starry Night IllusionNivel S
holy warrior isabellaNivel S
Merlin Divine ProtectionNivel S
Goat Gowther's Sin of LustNivel S

A+ Tier Characters – Grand Cross 7DS Tier List >>

CharactersTier List
Signs of King MaturityLevel A+
KOF '98 RugalLevel A+
Hendrickson Ashen WishLevel A+
merlin collectorLevel A+
Lion Escanor's Sin of PrideLevel A+
stranger things elevenLevel A+
Holy Horseman EscanorLevel A+
Re:Zero RemLevel A+
The advent of destruction LilliaLevel A+
Carrasco ZeldrisLevel A+
Boar's Sin of Gluttony MerlinLevel A+
Sword of Camelot ArthurLevel A+
The Four Archangels LudocielLevel A+
Re: Wax RAMLevel A+
Meliodas Assault ModeLevel A+
Re: Zero EmiliaLevel A+
chosen king arthurLevel A+
sunny holiday in the eastLevel A+
sweet temptationLevel A+
The grizzly sin of the lazy kingLevel A+
jim stranger thingsLevel A+
Derieri Ten CommandmentsLevel A+
halloween roxyLevel A+
Knight of Wrath MeliodasLevel A+
Mastermind LilliaLevel A+
KOF '98 KyoLevel A+

A-Tier Characters - Grand Cross 7DS Tier List >>

CharactersTier List
Great Soldier Mikasa AckermanLevel-A
Gloxinia Demon EliteLevel-A
harlequin kingLevel-A
diane creationLevel-A
Knightly Golden ThunderLevel-A
stranger things goLevel-A
funny elite demonLevel-A
storm howitzerLevel-A
Elite Demon DerieriLevel-A
Arthur's light of hopeLevel-A
Dungeon Raider ShinLevel-A
Cazador de Halloween SlaterLevel-A
Eren Jaeger Cadet CorpsLevel-A
Elite Demon MonspeetLevel-A
Elite Demon EstarossaLevel-A
Eastin Oceanic HarmonizerLevel-A
The Ten Commandments ZeldrisLevel-A
Diane's Serpent's SinLevel-A
Griamore ChampionLevel-A
Elite Demon MelasculaLevel-A
Helbram Revenge ReincarnationLevel-A
KOF '98 MayoLevel-A
Ruler of two Stormy Mothers EastinLevel-A
The Ten Commandments DroleLevel-A
Fraudrin Ten CommandmentsLevel-A
Protective Heart Diane DianeLevel-A
KOF '98 AthenaLevel-A
valenti earth shakerLevel-A
Arthur's Fated HeirLevel-A
The Advent of Monkey DestructionLevel-A

Tier B Characters - Grand Cross 7DS Tier List >>

CharactersTier List
Godspeed Knight JericóNivel B
The Pleiades of Blue Sky DeathperceNivel B
Beer Collector BanNivel B
reverse isabellaNivel B
Elizabeth Mobile TavernNivel B
Mike stranger thingsNivel B
roxy loco destructorNivel B
Halloween pimpleNivel B
guardian king of the forestNivel B
Galland's Ten CommandmentsNivel B
Re: Zero BeatrizNivel B
New Legend JerichoNivel B
Mono pound deathNivel B
King of Arthur PropheciesNivel B
elaine halloweenNivel B
Liz's memory fragmentNivel B
elizabeth lyonsNivel B
Titan form Eren JaegerNivel B
Superar a SlaterNivel B
The Ten Commandments of MelasculaNivel B
Sweet Temptation ZaneriNivel B
pet elizabethNivel B
valenti sunny vacationNivel B
sweet temptation jennaNivel B
a new adventure isabelNivel B
Bringer of Disaster LilliaNivel B
Knighthood of Scraps Disposals Oslo y HawkNivel B
ice knight gustafNivel B
Zaratras Conviction ReincarnationNivel B
the greatest soldier leviNivel B
Demonio de elite GallandNivel B
Helbram Guardian of the ForestNivel B
Nanashi Quick SwordNivel B
New Legend MeliodasNivel B
Ice Knight JerichoNivel B
The Dragon's Sin of Wrath MeliodasNivel B
sweet temptation elaineNivel B
prohibition to outlawNivel B
Guila stockNivel B
new legend elizabethNivel B

Tier C Characters - Grand Cross 7DS Tier List >>

CharactersTier List
Monspeet's 10 CommandmentsLevel C
The Pleiades by Blue Sky DogedoLevel C
Omen of Chaos HendricksonLevel C
Jillian Dawn ruggeLevel C
Cain of burning embersLevel C
Omen of Chaos DreyfusLevel C
The Pleiades of Azure Sky DenzelLevel C
jericho adventurerLevel C
Mestre de Kungfu DianeLevel C
new generation jerichoLevel C
strand of royaltyLevel C
The dawn roars WeinheidtLevel C
Diana Heart of the EarthLevel C
Rimuru Monster RuleLevel C
halloween guliaLevel C
Wings of Heaven ElatteLevel C
Elizabeth's Tavern Boar HatLevel C
Elite demon trickLevel C
The Six Knights of Black BellionLevel C
Matron DianeLevel C
Bearded cat AlioniLevel C
limo rimuruLevel C
infinite merlinLevel C
Ten Commandments GloxiniaLevel C
The Fox's Sin of Ban GreenLevel C
halloween meliodasLevel C
The Seven Deadly Sins MeliodasLevel C
Memories of the Gerharde YearsLevel C
Camila Dark VerdugoLevel C
Taken from Terra MatronaLevel C
Ten Commandments EstarossaLevel C
Strange Fang RuinLevel C
romper dreyfusLevel C
confirmation tweetLevel C
disaster kingLevel C
Héroe Leona GowtherLevel C
The seven deadly sins DianaLevel C
gowther looking for manLevel C
Gilthunder LightningLevel C
Eternal Promise DianeLevel C
Falcon Junk Removal KnightLevel C
Nunchaku banLevel C
Strange Golgius FangsLevel C
Boom Boom Pow MarmasLevel C
Eagle ExplosionLevel C
Tyrant of Destruction MilimLevel C
Reincarnation of Vivian's obsessionLevel C
Gilthunder Realm StarLevel C
Slater Roars of DawnLevel C
Meliodas from the boar hat tavernLevel C

Tier D Characters - Grand Cross 7DS Tier List >>

CharactersTier List
Simon's Dawn RoarsD-level
Derreter HendricksonD-level
griamore adventurerD-level
prohibition of snatchingD-level
Leona Royalty HowzerD-level
The King of the Seven Deadly SinsD-level
Howzer Kingdom StarD-level
Knight of the Iron Wall GriamoreD-level
Strange Friesian TusksD-level
Kijin BenimaruD-level
Jude Strange FangsD-level
Elaine's Fairy King's ForestD-level
undead banD-level
The Pleiades by Blue Sky DeldryD-level
The dawn roars HugoD-level
The Pleiades of Arden Blue SkyD-level
Protector of the King of DollsD-level
Vaizel Fight Festival TaizooD-level

Our SDS Grand Cross tier list uses a popular tier list as a base when making builds based on player feedback via Grand Cross Web. To reduce inflammation and keep it relatively simple, our version only includes SSR characters.

As a general rule, the eligible group that appears in things like limited-time events or Festival of Banners is the best. However, the usual Gacha Reng could pay off at this point, so possibly older event units don't get any spots at the top of the tier list compared to their more modern counterparts.

SDS Grand Cross Tier List: Best 7DS Heroes >>

Tier ListGrand Cross SDS Tier List Characters
SEren (B), Gilthunder (G)
AGriamore (D), Guila (B), Gustav (G), Marmus (B), Slater (D), Allioni (G), Hendrickson (G), Jericho (B), Jericho (D)
BCaín (G), Dogedo (R), Griamore (R), Guila (B), Gustav (G), Dreyfus (R), Elizabeth (R), Hawk & Elizabeth (R), Hawk & Elizabeth (R), Gilthunder (B), Taizoo (R), Meliodas, (B), Twigo (R), Vivian (R), Arthur (B), Gowther (G), Hendrickson (G), Jericho (B) Jericho (R)
CHowzer (B), Weinheidt (B), Dreyfus (G), Rimuru (G)
DBan (R), Diane gigante (R), Jillian (G), Arden (B),
FHowzer (G), Hugo (G), Freesia (B), Griamore (B), Jude (R)

To begin with, we have created a separate SDS Grand Cross tier list of seven Grand Cross deadly sins that have been included in the valuable characters in the game. Although you have plenty of opportunities early on to purchase some SSR units placed at the top of our SDS Grand Cross tier list, limited resources will be invested in the main characters SR and R, which are significant in the early parts of the game.

(Video) Ranking Every SSR Unit *ALL PVE CONTENT* In Grand Cross! December 2022! (Tier List) 7DS Grand Cross


It's worth noting that in both tables of the tierless Madli Grand Cross list, we've condensed each character's signature color into the same letter at the end of each entry. Most characters contain more than one version, such as an alt-fest or a simple throwback, which can lead to long, unwieldy names as more and more are released.

If you see a character with more than their name and color, then they are a relatively standard base unit. Most characters with a unit name include two or more words, perhaps a specific unit, as time-limited phenomena, which will typically be longer than most base units.

What is the best 7DSGC hero for Gold Farming? >>

If you want to customize your 7 DSGC Gold Farm run, wait for Hawazar(R) or Red House. This SSR SDS Grand Cross Tier List unit is considered the best for PVE farming due to the increase in its storm attack.


(Video) TOP 10 PvP Characters in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross (December, 2022)

As the game has a heavy focus on PVE content, it should be hard to get your hands on it from the coin shop if you haven't already. However, capturing many copies will only make it more effective to maximize its maximum capacity. Doing so can increase your Pierce Rate stats and slow the damage output of your Rising Storm, which can make gold farming a risk.

Without going into the finer details of warfare and new player progress, this brief overview of the seven sins should put you on the right track, whether you're a new player, a seasoned returner, or a pro who thinks the community dispersed. think about the current character roster.

Final words >>

We hope you like itSDS Grand CrossTier List Guide. In this post, we are covering all the Seven Deadly Sins character rankings that will help you choose the best character in the game.


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Who is the strongest character in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross? ›

Meliodas is the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins and the strongest fighter in the group. He was originally the leader of the Ten Commandments, but then he fell in love with Elizabeth and decided to quit being their leader. Meliodas' power increased by several folds towards the end of the series.

Who is the best character in seven deadly sins? ›

Top 10 Characters From Seven Deadly Sins
  • Meliodas, The Sin of Wrath.
  • King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot.
  • Merlin, The Sin of Gluttony.
  • Ban, The Sin of Greed.
  • Diane, The Sin of Envy.
  • Elaine, The Fountain Guardian.
  • Elizabeth Liones, The Fallen Angel.
  • Watch Anime Videos:

Is Dark traitor Meliodas good? ›

Traitor Meliodas excels in PVP because of his high base stats and immense power to boost his team offensively and defensively. As a Dark hero, he can be utilized as a damage-dealer in Death Match hell difficulties. He is also ideal to use against Hraesvelgr together with Blue Megellda.

Who to reroll for 7ds? ›

Reroll Advice

In your first 10 rolls, you are guaranteed to get of of these 7 SSRs. The ones recommended are Arthur, Green King, Green Eli, and Green Meliodas. Besides being hot, Arthur rocks an awesome buff which is very helpful for your team. Probably my pick for the initial SSR.

Who is the weakest commandment in 7ds? ›

The weakest of the 10 Commandments is Fraudrin, the commandment of Selflessness. Occupying the body of the Holy Knight Dreyfus, he is the replacement for Gowther. Fraudrin's commandment causes selfish people to lose their sense of self, including their memories and feelings.


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