Jeep Navigation Not Working - Fix for Wrangler and Cherokee (2023)

I recently met a friend of mine who lives in Chicago and was visiting the art institute and science museum for the first time, relying solely on the Jeep navigation system.

The navigation system is not a simple app that helps travelers get from one place to another, and there are many life-saving benefits to this modern system.

Help to reach the destination on time,improve fuel consumptionand reduce the cost of fuel, new drivers drive without hesitation, find profitable and profitable roots, and reduce accidents.

While GPS has many benefits, it sometimes looks pretty funny when your Jeep's navigation shows you're at sea or on another planet. All of the benefits I just mentioned seem to backfire when you're having trouble navigating your Jeep.

Is your jeep navigation not working on your wrangler, cherokee, grand cherokee, compass or patriots? So this article is about Jeep GPS or Navigationproblems with a step by step solutionguide.

7 Reasons Why Jeep Navigation Isn't Working

The Jeep navigation system is not working mainly due to cable problems, power problems, GPS antenna or sensor problems, configuration problems, traveling in an isolated area, resetting or updating problems, and using multiple network devices on your vehicle.

All the symptoms and causes of Jeep Wrangler or Cherokee navigation problems are well explained with the proper solution in my article.

1. Cables and power problems

Your Uconnect screen is black,Uconnect audio not working, the music system does not sound? So the main problem is not with your GPS and I think the Uconnect is the main source of the GPS problem.

Jeep Navigation Not Working - Fix for Wrangler and Cherokee (1)
(Video) How to UPDATE Jeep Navigation System

If you think it's okay and there isn'tjeep voltage regulator problemsand battery, this clearly indicates that there is a problem with the navigation system in your Wrangler, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee.

Once you are sure that the exact problem is with the GPS, follow the steps below and never forget to examine the Uconnect and antenna cable.

2. GPS sensor or antenna problem

Your Jeep's navigation receives satellite signals through a small sensor or GPS antenna. So whatever you find on your Uconnect display or your GPS device, all the network data it gets from your GPS sensor or antenna.

Jeep Navigation Not Working - Fix for Wrangler and Cherokee (2)

If anyway, your GPS antenna is not working, all navigation functions will be canceled on your jeep. This can happen for many reasons, such as an old antenna, poor installation, faulty antenna cable, and others.

When you find that there is no problem with the Uconnect system, reinstall the antenna or sensor in an open area. In my opinion, placing a GPS antenna on the roof or front of the Jeep is the most suitable solution to the GPS antenna problem if it can provide adequate protection against rain and dust.

If the cable or sensor is the exact reason for your jeep's navigation problem, replace them with a better version.

3. Configuration problem

Your car or jeep appliance manufacturer always guarantees working settings for better usability in their modern items. You can use and control many programs from the settings options, and GPS settings are one of them.

(Video) Fix uconnect dodge Garmin Navigation GPS

When all the navigation related metrics are correct, take a look at the navigation settings. Find out if there's something unique about your navigation setup and take the next step.

If you find any GPS option like display, maps or sensor that is not allowed in the settings, turn it on with a simple tap. Show the GPS settings to an expert when you don't understand the function.

4. Travel in an isolated area

Most of the time offroad vehicles like jeeps or trucks drive in remote and inaccessible areas for fun and excitement. It sometimes brings trouble for drivers when they try to use jeep's Uconnect navigation system.

Jeep Navigation Not Working - Fix for Wrangler and Cherokee (3)

In an isolated area, a GPS sensor or antenna cannot find signals when large trees or other things cover the vehicle. When it can't find a positive signal through the antenna, it can't display the map or desired function on the screen.

If your Jeep's navigation system is in an isolated area, please move the vehicle to an open place where the sensor can find the sky directly.

5. Use of multiple wireless devices

OfJipe Rubicon for Willys,XJ a TJ, the driver's side of each vehicle is decked out with loads of features for added fun. You can do many things like constantly listening to music, surfing the internet, remote chatting, or connecting to a newer jeep.

Using multiple networks in your vehicle can sometimes make it difficult to perform other functions and createjeep radio problems, GPS problems orkey fob problems.

When the navigation system does not work in your Jeep, please solve it in a different way by turning off all other devices. Then just play GPS and I think I might give you the easiest solution.

(Video) GPS Home reset, UConnect 8.4 - Dodge, Jeep, all Chrysler vehicles

6. Use of the store

Jeep Navigation Not Working - Fix for Wrangler and Cherokee (4)

Are you using a tent or umbrella in front of your jeep that casts a shadow on the GPS antenna? If the answer is yes, then it confirms that your Jeep's navigation system is not receiving the proper signals to cover the Jeep.

When in this condition, please cut some parts of the tent so that the GPS antenna can reach the sky directly.

7. Restart and update problem

Are you using the same GPS device in your Jeep for a long time without a system update? If your GPS device takes a long time to load when you open it, this is a clear indication that there isproblemas no Uconnect, or the system is having trouble matching the old version.

When everything about the GPS, from the antenna to the Uconnect, seems perfect, a system reset or update may be the last solution before going to a mechanic.

Go to the GPS or Uconnect settings option and find the system update option and allow the update. Some devices show reset options as an update in the settings bar; If you can't find this option on an older Jeep from 2008 to 2015, try it manually.

Causes of Jeep navigation problemsSolutionsCost without mechanical load
Cables and power problem.Check GPS antenna cable and Uconnect powerUS$ 25 a US$ 200
Problem with GPS antenna or sensorPut the antenna in the right place$ 0
configuration problemAllow blocked navigation options$ 0
Travel in an isolated areaTake the vehicle to an open space.$ 0
Using multiple wireless devicesTurn off other devices$ 0
using carpCut an extra part of the tent with a cutter that covers the antenna.US$ 10 a US$ 20
Reboot and update issueGo to settings and find these options$ 0

frequent questions

How to reset my Jeep NAV?

Resetting the navigation on each jeep is fairly easy, though it's also important from jeep to jeep and from device to device. The easy procedure is to go to the navigation bar, select where to go and click on the options. You will find clear home data in the options and then clear it. I think you have completed the jeep navigation reset process.

(Video) Jeep Wrangler JK- How to Fix the Uconnect Software Update

¿Uconnect Navigation es gratuito?

If your Jeep provides a dealer Uconnect system, you'll get all of the Uconnect features, including navigation. Therefore, the Uconnect navigation feature is completely free, although other terms and conditions apply. When you want to use some powerful extra features on your Uconnect navigation, you may have to pay the manufacturer, but the factory navigation features are enough to travel with.

Does Uconnect Navigation update automatically?

It is automatically updated if you enable the automatic update function in your browser settings. The Uconnect in some modern Jeeps also updates navigation automatically whenever it finds the Internet. But most of the time one has to do it manually on some older jeep models.


A navigation system is a crucial feature for any traveler who owns an off-road vehicle like a Jeep. It takes driver comfort to another level and makes for a smoother ride. On the other hand, it decreases vehicle performance and makes travelers hesitate in unknown place when jeep navigation is not working.

In this article, I did my best to make your trip more meaningful by solving jeep GPS problem. So please comment below with your exact jeep model and GPS and I will give you the most accurate solutions.


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