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  • Tips for finding accommodation in Berlin

    Thanks to the city's role as a cultural center and one of the up-and-coming economic centers of Europe, apartments in Berlin and, in particular, temporary furnished apartments are more in demand than ever. An endless stream of new shops, galleries, restaurants and concerts means the German capital is always welcoming new guests and residents. This is especially true for young Europeans in their 20s and 30s who love the city's relaxed yet productive atmosphere. Here is the Wunderflats Guide to some Berlin neighborhoods.

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    • Lives in Berlin-Mitte

      The name "Mitte" means middle in German, and that's where you'll find this popular district. Located right in the heart of Berlin, Mitte is home to world-famous sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island and the Bauhaus Museum. Mitte's more than 100,000 residents would probably agree that life is good here.

      • The district of Berlin-Mitte

        Mitte is many things: Berlin's "Silicon Valley", a historical masterpiece and a vibrant nightlife district. A number of large global companies are based in the area, making Mitte suitable for working professionals who need access to office and conference facilities. But it also offers great shopping and restaurants and many nightclubs around Alexanderplatz. This neighborhood has a very broad appeal.

      • Rental prices in Berlin-Mitte

        As the heart of the city, Mitte is generally a fairly expensive place to look for a furnished apartment for rent, although affordable deals can also be found away from the tourist areas. In general, expect to pay a lot more than in other neighborhoods, as one-bedroom apartments are available from €1,100 to €1,700 per month.

    • Resident in Berlin Charlottenburg

      Located west of the city center and south of the River Spree, Charlottenburg is a popular choice for families and young people looking for easy access to the center but cheaper apartments in Berlin. The shops, historical sites, restaurants, and parks make it an excellent base for exploring the city.

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      • The district of Berlin-Charlottenburg

        Charlottenburg is a good place for people who love parks and outdoor recreation. The eastern half of the area is dominated by the Tiergarten park, while the area is also home to the Berlin Zoo, many lively bars and restaurants, and the shopping paradise of Kurfürstendamm.

      • Rental prices in Berlin-Charlottenburg

        Expect to find short-term rentals a bit cheaper than central Berlin, with one-bedroom furnished apartments available for €950 to €1,450 per month.

    • Lives in Berlin-Kreuzberg

      Kreuzberg is popular with students due to its cheap short-term rentals and is located south of the city center. It's a vibrant part of Berlin where the large Turkish population adds some spice to the local dining options and a relaxed, bohemian atmosphere is the norm.

      • The neighborhood of Berlin-Kreuzberg

        Kreuzberg is Berlin's current creative hub, with standout features such as quirky cafes, pop-up galleries, street art on every corner and the lively Turkish Market. Add in a dynamic live music and nightlife scene and it's easy to see why Kreuzberg attracts a young and culturally active crowd.

      • Rental prices in Berlin-Kreuzberg

        The relatively affordable furnished apartments are another draw for younger visitors. Calculate around 900 to 1,400 euros for a furnished one-room apartment.

    • Lives in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

      As Berlin's recent renaissance began, Prenzlauer Berg transformed into a young and diverse neighborhood with many cafes and art galleries. Located northeast of Mitte, it is now known as a green family district with excellent transport links and local amenities.

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      • The district of Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

        Properties in Prenzlauer Berg tend to have a high proportion of Wilhelmine (late 19th century) designs, including some of the finest rental apartments in Berlin. Great cafes and bookstores also make it attractive.

      • Rental prices in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

        As Prenzlauer Berg has attracted more families and professionals, prices have risen. Expect similar rents as in Mitte, around 1,050 to 1,550 euros for a furnished 1-room apartment.

    • Living in Berlin-Neukölln

      Located south-east of the city center and relatively close to Schönefeld Airport, Neukölln is an up-and-coming district where new organic cafes open every week and the creative spirit is on the rise.

      • The district of Berlin-Neukölln

        For a long time, Neukölln was neglected by apartment seekers in Berlin, but that is no longer the case. Its collection of restaurants from all over the world, the large new park in Tempelhof and the shopping scene with constantly new markets and boutiques make it popular with young professionals.

      • Rental prices in Berlin-Neukölln

        Prices in Neukölln haven't caught up with the neighborhood's cultural boom, so it remains an affordable area. Expect one-bedroom furnished apartments to cost between €850 and €1,350 per month.

  • live in Berlin

    Berlin has everything you would expect from a state capital, from top-notch museums and an efficient public transport network to shops, markets and a vibrant arts scene. Here are some tips for getting started in the German capital.

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    Furnished Apartments Berlin | Apartment for rent in Berlin - Wunderflats (2)
    • Traffic in Berlin

      Below are our tips for getting around in the city for the first few weeks.

      • Public transportation

        Locals prefer to use Berlin's extensive rail network. Surface services are operated byDeutsche Bahn (DB)but the subway, operated by the Berlin companyBVG, it can be even more convenient since it reaches most of the central districts. Day tickets for all public transport costs €8.60 (including buses and trams) and 7-day tickets cost €34. Single fares range from €1.90 for a short trip (up to 3 stops) to €3.60, which is quite reasonable for a big city.

      • Taxi

        Taxis are available throughout Berlin and are more convenient but also more expensive. The basic rate is 3.90 euros plus 2 euros per kilometer. You can hail a taxi from the street if necessary, but note that short journeys will then cost at least €5.

    • tourism in berlin

      Berlin has seen a lot of history, so it's not surprising that there are sights everywhere. Here are some highlights:

      • Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburg Gate)

        The Brandenburg Gate served as the entrance to Berlin under Prussian rule, later survived World War II and became a symbol of rebirth. It gained even more importance when the Berlin Wall fell and the gate became a symbol of German unity.

      • the TV tower

        The needle-shaped television tower towers above Mitte. The summit offers unmissable 360-degree views of the city, as well as a restaurant in the sky. Nowhere else in Berlin do you get a better view.

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      • Checkpoint Charlie

        Checkpoint Charlie was a famous crossing point for the Berlin Wall between 1961 and 1989 and now houses a memorable museum telling the story of the divided city.

      • El Reichstag

        Reopened and rebuilt with the help of British architect Sir Norman Foster, the Reichstag is a magnificent testament to modern Germany. A visit to the roof terrace and a guided tour of the dome are highly recommended.

      • the Jewish monument

        No visit to Berlin is complete without taking some time to see the Peter Eisenman Jewish Memorial. The memorial's 2,711 concrete monoliths near the Brandenburg Gate are a fitting reminder of man's dark side.

      • Museum Island

        Home to Babylon's famous Ishtar Gate, a magnificent bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, countless modern masterpieces and much more, Museum Island is an outstanding collection of museums in central Berlin.

      • KaDeWe

        Berlin's leading department store KaDeWe (short for Western Department Store) covers 60,000 square meters in Schöneberg. The luxurious perfume and shoe departments are famous, but the dining rooms on floors 6 and 7 are the highlights.

      • Die East-Side-Gallery

        The East Side Gallery is an outdoor art exhibition that consists of 1.3 kilometers of the Berlin Wall. It was inaugurated in 1990 after artists occupied part of the wall and created a makeshift masterpiece.

      Furnished Apartments Berlin | Apartment for rent in Berlin - Wunderflats (3)
    • Useful services in Berlin

      Settling into your new apartment in Berlin can be quite difficult. But don't worry: Berlin's start-up scene offers a variety of services for new residents to make life easier.

      • share bike

        Bike sharing programs are a great way to fit exercise into your day without having to buy your own bike. Withnextbikeo Call a bike you can register and rent a bike via the app. When you are done cycling, you can park the bike anywhere within the S-Bahn ring.


      • gym membership

        Stay in shape during your temporary stay in Berlin by registering withFitXÖMcFit– a network of downtown gyms that offer very cheap membership fees. If you are looking for a more exclusive gym, Holmes Place offers a spa in addition to its sports facilities. If you prefer to choose a gym close to your apartment in Berlin, try the Urban Sports Club website.

      • Grocery Delivery Service

        supplieris the place for local gourmet delivery, and with all the world's cuisines available in Berlin, this is a must-have app to have on hand.

      • housekeeping

        If you are busy for work or want more free time away from the office,reserve a tigerprofessionally cleans your apartment in Berlin if required.


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