FUN THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND - 49+ Things to Try in 2023 (2023)

Do you want to mix up your weekend routine with fun things to do with your boyfriend? When the traditional "dinner and a movie" just doesn't cut it anymore, it's time to spice up your weekend date ideas. Enjoy a wide range of activities including silly shenanigans, romantic getaways, cute and fun things to do with your lover to celebrate fall, ways to channel your inner artist, and so much more!

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So goodbye to the old and hello to the new! (I mean, old plans... hook up with that special someone!) Turn an ordinary Friday, Saturday, and Sunday into something special. With these unique and fun things to do with your boyfriend that will make him feel unforgettable, enjoy the fresh air, fresh leaves, and warm weather together!


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fun things to do with your boyfriend

Why is it so hard to think of fun things to do with your boyfriend? Guys argue that women are the hardest, but I disagree! The truth is, there are lots of fun things to do with your guy (it's a good idea not to leave it to the last minute to plan something).

I've put together this list of fun things to do with your lover so you never get bored together.

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have a picnic

Going on a picnic is significantly more adventurous and exciting than sitting at home watching Netflix weather permitting. Spending time with your partner outdoors adds new depth to your connection.


Better yet, spend a few days outdoors and explore the beauties of nature. Nothing better than spending the whole night with the love of your life; no phone calls, no distractions... Just you and your partner, holding each other and listening to the sounds of nature.

trivia night

If dining out has become more boring than counting to 100 in your relationship, you can spice things up by attending one of the many Trivia Nights that most restaurants offer.

trampoline world

Visiting the world of trampolines with your lover is another fun thing to do, it is literally for fun.

Take a canoe trip

If you live in a coastal town, you can use a nearby river to inject some fun into your relationship with your boyfriend. Go on a'sailing date” with your partner can give you another amazing moment.

go to a show

Shows allow you and your partner to dance the night away, feel your bodies sway, and grow your love for each other. It doesn't have to be a full Beyonce show. Even if it's just a local performance from your friends or neighbors, it will still be fun!

complete a project

Another approach to changing your routine is to get your hands on a Pinterest project. Plus, spending the day with your baby (or parent, as the case may be) working on something together is fun. Whether you get the job done or not, you'll have a unique narrative to share at the end of the day instead of the same old boring routine.

Participate in video games.

Guys, as you may know, they like to play video games. If your partner is a gamer, you can surprise him by joining him when he's playing football or car racing games on his PS5 (or better yet, surprise him with a PS5?). I'm not proposing anything... just stating the obvious.

Go to a museum in your neighborhood

Are you looking forward to the chance to tour your neighborhood? Going to the local museum will not only give you information about your community, but it will also give you a taste of what a real expedition is like! Why don't you try it with your boyfriend?

Organize a crazy photo shoot

This is another fun activity to do with your partner, especially if you have free time at work. You can bring a friend with a camera to take some fun pictures of you and your lover dressed in fun outfits! Not only will you have a lot of fun, you'll create a lasting memory.

go to a zoo

The common misconception that zoos are just for kids is a funny one. On a day off, you and your partner can head to the zoo and enjoy watching the monkeys go about their business.

Visit a theme park

You'll both feel a rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins here. Also, riding the Ferris wheel with your partner is very romantic (as long as neither of you pukes).

Or simply go on an excursion…

Why don't you put on your hiking boots and go hiking with your boyfriend?

To paint with fingers

If it reminds you of your youth, you might feel nostalgic for a moment. Relive those memories with your partner!

Take an ice skating class.

This isn't just another fun activity to do with your boyfriend; it's also quite daring. If you or your spouse are skilled skaters, you can go ice skating for fun rather than for special events. Even if you're not very skilled, watching others fall through the ice will be hilarious.

Build a blanket fort

Instead of going to the movies, you can make a blanket fort with your friends and see them there! This is more fun with your boyfriend to relive the joys of your childhood. You two will be just as happy and carefree as you were when you were kids.

just watch people

This is perhaps the easiest and most intriguing method to really have fun with your boyfriend. She just sits with her partner on a bench in a cool area of ​​the street and watches the passers-by. “Talk” to them, but don't get involved!

Play a game of ping pong

The game rules are the most fun aspect. You can make a rule before the game that whoever loses has to work for the winner for the rest of the day... It's risky, but so much fun!

play poker naked

This is an opportunity to spice up your relationship. On a really nice day, you can undress for each other and... watch the night unfold.

Spa day at home

Grab a lighter, get your scented candles and massage oils ready, turn off the lights, put on some romantic music and your spa day is complete!

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Fun things to do with your partner at home

Here are some fun things to do at home with your boyfriend:

Arrange a private wine tasting with a variety of cheeses.

You often go out to restaurants with your friends for wine, so why not have a (cheaper) wine and cheese night with him at home?

Have a board game night with your friends.

There's nothing better than genuine, old-fashioned fun. Board games, whether you prefer Monopoly or Balderdash, are usually a fun night out.

Have a cooking contest.

treat him like akitchen masterepisode and compete to create delicious dishes. After that, they can have each other's meals by candlelight.

Establish a home exercise program.

You don't have to go to the gym when you can work out at home. (You don't have to use the gym's showers, either.) Get on an exercise program and work together to burn some calories.

Make a fort out of your living room furniture.

Build a pillow fort in your living room to relive childhood memories. You can just relax in your comfort and believe that you are on a camping trip with your partner.

Have a video game marathon with your friends.

If your gaming skills aren't up to date, why not let your partner teach you? Once you've mastered the basics, challenge them to some friendly competition.

Make a photo album or scrapbook.

Spend time together reminiscing about your earliest memories, and make a scrapbook of all your photos, movie tickets, dinner receipts, and other mementos.

Have a drawing contest.

Take turns drawing each other. Even if neither of you is a painter, you can laugh at each other's drawings afterwards.

Treat yourself to a spa day at home.

Spend precious time relaxing and having homemade facials. You don't have to spend a lot of money on an expensive spa when you can create one at home.

Have a read-aloud session with each other.

Choose some of your favorite books and read them aloud to each other. It will be a nice change from reading individual novels. You will also better understand what makes your S/brain O work.

Play a game of poker.

Learn the rules, grab some poker chips and get ready to play. Strip poker is often preferable to traditional poker.

Gather on Sundays to watch football.

Whip up a plate of loaded nachos and spend some time cheering on your favorite teams. After all, sport brings people together.

Host a fondue party.

Don't waste your money on melted cheese at a fancy restaurant. Make your own fondue night and eat all you want of gooey bliss.

For dinner, have breakfast in bed.

Breakfast in bed is fine, but breakfast in bed for dinner is so much more. Everyone loves this simple, delicious dish that allows for a lot of creativity, so why not make it one night after the sun goes down?

Working on a home improvement project is a good idea.

Repaint the walls in your apartment, make a new headboard or, finally, decorate your coffee table. Working together on a home project, however, is fun and encourages teamwork, which is crucial in any relationship.

Fun things to do with your partner in winter

Consider this your guide if you're looking for a non-traditional date this winter. For exceptionally cold days and nights, check out these fun things to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend in winter.

make a snowman

Making a snowman, like building a sandcastle, might seem childish, but there's something inherently romantic about creating something together and enjoying your work once it's done.

Take a walk

Even if you don't consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast, a winter hike with your partner might convince you otherwise. After all, isn't a beautiful view with the one you love worth it? You can even bring a picnic lunch to enjoy along the way.

Drink a cup of hot chocolate

Whether you're an experienced cook, you'll be amazed at how simple it is to make hot chocolate from scratch: in a small saucepan, whisk together the milk, cocoa powder and sugar until well incorporated and heated through.

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ice skating

Ice skating is similar to bowling in that it's harder than it looks, and few people consider themselves experts, but that's what makes it such a fun date option. They can laugh at how clumsy they are and help each other when they fall.

take a sled

This is your chance to play in new snow as an adult, if you haven't done so before. The two of you will have a fun and quirky winter date, whether it's racing down hills big or small or sharing a sled with your partner.

visit the theater

To break the winter monotony, sometimes we need a reason to get dressed. If you don't feel like going out to dinner but want to slip on your high-heeled boots, the neighborhood theater is the perfect place to go.

Play a movie

Dinner and a movie might not be the most creative date night concept, but there's a reason it's so popular. Winter is also awards season, so you might want to check out an intellectual drama or a foreign film.

Indoor skydiving is a fun activity to try.

You shouldn't be afraid of heights if you want to participate in this adventure sport. If you've always wanted to try skydiving but aren't sure how to jump out of a plane, you'll love floating in a skydiving simulator.

board games to play

Snowy days are a great excuse to sit around in your pajamas and play board games all day. Chess is an excellent alternative because it is designed for two people, requires reflection and allows you to be competitive.

plan a picnic

While a classic picnic is best enjoyed outdoors, eating sandwiches and fruit on your front lawn in winter may not be the best option. Even if hanging out in the living room doesn't have the energizing sunshine we associate with a picnic, you won't miss the outdoors on your comfy date.

climb the rocks

Indoor climbing is a sport that can be done alone or with a partner (either as a spotter or as a climbing partner). Let this date be the equivalent of a fall in confidence; You'll need to communicate effectively and collaborate to ensure you come out on top and have fun.

practice yoga

Nothing beats yoga to get your blood pumping, especially when you have a boyfriend who guides you through the poses or flows with you. Simple Guided Asana should work if one of you is a beginner.

bake a gingerbread house

A gingerbread house is a traditional winter decoration. You can make the cookies from scratch, but we won't stop you if you buy a store-bought gingerbread kit.

prepare a pizza

Family cooking can be fun if you agree on a dish. Pizza is a sure bet that everyone will like. Did we mention it's also really easy to make? Learn how to roll dough and create patterns with icings for an instant work of art.

Visit an antique store.

A date dedicated to antiques can bring a lot of laughs. There are usually rare items for sale that might pique your interest. Plus, you'll remember the fun day you got them every time you pass them by your house.

Fun things to do with your partner in bed

Try one or more of these fun things to do in bed with your boyfriend or lover tonight to shake things up.

Try different positions.

HeKama Sutra lists 64 different sex positions. After three or four, most couples are exhausted. There are some things that work for him and some things that work for her, and they stick to them all the time. A sexual routine like this can easily become boring.

Keep the lights on...or off

Single people prefer to have sex with the lights on, according to a survey of nearly 2,000 people. People who have been in a relationship or are married prefer sex in an increasingly dark environment.

Try Light Links

According to research by Magliano (2015), between 2% and 62% of couples adopt BDSM. If this gap bothers you, remember that the way the question is phrased is important. Anything from slightly restraining your partner to handcuffs and gags can be considered BDSM.

spread fantasies

Don't overlook the best source of suggestions for trying things out in bed with your boyfriend or girlfriend: ask your boyfriend or girlfriend. Your spouse may feel ashamed of their sexual fantasies, having been raised to believe they were immoral or wrong.

down and dirty

Many people feel uncomfortable talking trash in bed, but if you're bored in the bedroom, it can be a great way to liven things up. You might worry about looking silly if you're not used to bad mouthing. In fact, if you yell "Give it to me!" or "You are a naughty girl!" halfway through, you might get giggles instead of groans.

be brave

Violent play in the bedroom, like BDSM, can be scary. You might be in love with this person and not want to hurt them. Despite this, 62 percent of the women who responded to aOKCupidoresearch indicated that they like hardcore sex.

To swallow

According to informal surveys, most people who perform oral sex at climax swallow the ejaculate. If you or your spouse ever objected to this, try it.

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ass game

Anal is taboo, the last frontier and gay domain. Women shouldn't like that, and straight men shouldn't either. The numbers, on the other hand, reveal a different narrative. according to aNational Institutes of Health Research, 43 percent of men and 37 percent of women have had anal intercourse at least once in their lifetime.

Massages are exchanged.

After a long day, sex can feel like a lot of pressure, but who doesn't love a massage? Aromatic perfumes, relaxing music and velvety sheets are options. It's a great way to appreciate each other's physiques and make each other feel good without having to engage in sexual activity.

try on different clothes

If you're committed, sexual representation can turn every sex session into a new adventure and an opportunity to explore deep and possibly forbidden quirks, such as intergenerational relationships, power dynamics, or ethnic fetishization.

Change your power roles

Many couples have a dominant partner, but having the submissive partner take charge for one night — initiating, choosing position, acting sullen and speaking abusively — can be a welcome change of pace.

get up from bed

Leaving the bedroom is one of the best ways to try something new in the bedroom. Once you are sure of your privacy, have your sex session wherever you want in your home.

include something delicious

Consider playing with food: chocolate sauce, marshmallows, strawberries, eating each other's sushi, splashing champagne all over each other's bodies... the possibilities are endless.

locate lubricant

Lube isn't just for anal sex; It can also improve handicrafts, playing with toys and vaginal sex. Even if they don't like role plays or toys, lube should be in every couple's sexual arsenal.

Go to bars and collect yourself

Relive the joy of being single without rejection or regret. Dress up, go out separately and act like you don't know each other. Each collection line will be effective. Get each other drunk and feel like making terrible judgments on the spur of the moment. "That's something I never do!" "Do you want to go to my place or yours?" (It's in the same place).

have fun with toys

Many long-term partnerships rely heavily on sex toys. Women shouldn't give up their beloved vibrators just because they have a partner in bed with them on a regular basis.

be unpredictable

Chores, bills, meals and unwatchable TV all contribute to stifling once-sparking relationships. When you run out of things to do in bed with your lover, here's a fun idea: use those boring rituals to your advantage.

Try sex in public

We are now entering a dangerous zone that only experts should enter. For many couples, having sex in public is the ultimate thrill: the thrill of spontaneity, the danger of being found out. Let's talk about being discovered. Public indecency laws prohibit sex in many public places.

make a sex tape

Knowing that you're acting for the camera can add some spice to the situation. Make your own homemade porn and come back later to see how sexy you look. Just keep security in mind. Unless you're a reality TV star, you probably don't want your handcrafted sex tape to end up on your favorite porn site.

invite others

This is a sensitive issue. Many couples shudder at the thought of their beloved spouse touching another person.


Have you noticed that your relationship has become a little dull or boring? Are you looking for fun things to do with your boyfriend to rekindle your romance? Then review the selections above and choose the one that best fits your needs. We've compiled a list of over 49 exciting and fun things to do with your boyfriend or partner! So sit back and relax...

Common questions

What can couples do for fun?

  • Make an evening (or day) date plan
  • Exercise.
  • Cooking together is a good idea.
  • Massage for two people.
  • Renew.
  • Dance.
  • Reading.
  • Listen to an audiobook or podcast.

How do you entertain your boyfriend?

  • Tell him you'll meet him at a park or the beach for a walk (especially if he's had a rough day).
  • Prepare him a meal wearing nothing but his underwear...
  • Tell him to sit on the floor in front of the couch while you watch TV together and give him an unexpected massage.



What fun activities can couples do? ›

Here is a somewhat comprehensive list of our favorite cute date ideas.
  • Restaurant hop. ...
  • Play tourist in your hometown. ...
  • Make a fun new recipe. ...
  • Go on a picnic. ...
  • Take a hike. ...
  • Hit the beach. ...
  • Go skiing. ...
  • Play a board game.
Nov 29, 2022

What do couples do in bed at night? ›

Going to bed together is essential for a successful relationship, and that bedtime should be a special time for couples to connect. Bedtime couple intimate activities include cuddling, massaging, kissing, and making love.

How to spice up a relationship? ›

So to help keep that flame flickering, Tebb has some tips for couples who are looking to spice up their love lives amidst their hectic lives.
  1. A proper date night. ...
  2. Be spontaneous. ...
  3. Love notes. ...
  4. Work on yourself. ...
  5. Try new things in the bedroom. ...
  6. Remove distractions. ...
  7. Change of scenery.
Jun 23, 2017

How can I make my relationship interesting again? ›

Luckily, there are some easy ways you can get them to flutter their way right back into your stomach and revive your relationship.
  1. Plan a surprise. ...
  2. Make out. ...
  3. Seek out an adrenaline rush. ...
  4. Catch up at night. ...
  5. Have more sex. ...
  6. Tell your friends why you love him. ...
  7. Get competitive. ...
  8. Schedule a regular date night.
Dec 10, 2014

What can me and my bf do together? ›

101 Fun Dating Ideas
  • Plan and carry out a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt for your partner.
  • Go tubing, kayaking, or canoeing together.
  • Go fruit picking together.
  • Enjoy a candlelight dinner together at your home or apartment. ...
  • Go for a bike ride together.
  • Go bowling together. ...
  • Attend a local festival together.
Aug 14, 2020

What can I do for my boyfriend to make him feel special? ›

  1. Compliment him. ...
  2. Tell him you appreciate what he does for you and your family. ...
  3. Make time for things to get hot in the bedroom. ...
  4. Be supportive of his alone time. ...
  5. Put down your phone. ...
  6. When you get something for yourself, get something for him, too. ...
  7. Look him in the eyes.

What can couples do when bored at home? ›

13 easy stay at home date ideas for couples in quarantine
  • Play Board Games/Card Games. Courtesy of Unsplash. ...
  • Have a Dress-Up Night. ...
  • Work Together on a Puzzle Challenge. ...
  • Have a Spa Night. ...
  • Plan the Ultimate Vacation. ...
  • Wine and Movie Night in Bed. ...
  • Teach Each Other Something New or Learn a New Skill. ...
  • Have Your Own Wine Tasting.
Apr 3, 2020

What couples can do at home for fun? ›

If you need to refresh your romance routine, try one of these ideas to make your time at home feel a little more exciting.
  • Cook a gourmet meal together. ...
  • Go on a picnic. ...
  • Wine taste at home. ...
  • Challenge each other to a bake off. ...
  • Have a paint-off. ...
  • Project a movie in the backyard. ...
  • Do a fun cardio workout. ...
  • Take a virtual yoga class.
Jul 13, 2020


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